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Baby JM – I’m so sorry that I missed you this morning.  Candace had to do some work for school so she didn’t get in trouble.  I needed to get it done because I have to babysit all weekend and I don’t want any interruptions!  So where has my little boy been hiding?  I haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks and thought maybe you found another sitter..but then again I know you can’t find someone who is as much fun as Candace is hehe.
I’ll be all done with my school work by 6pm EST today because I have to be ready for my big fun babysitting weekend – I hope your mommy and daddy call me to come over, because I have a surprise for you.  I bought us cute little matching panties!  I caught you wearing girly clothes the last time I was over and you said they felt good on your pee pee, so when I see you next I have matching silk panties for us to wear.  They are very cute – pink with a little white bow, and the silk material is going to feel SO good on that little pee pee, especially as it grows big and stiff for me.
Can’t wait to play our fun games again… I’ll talk to you tonight!

When Jenny’s Mommy called this weekend I got very excited to play with my favorite little girl! I couldn’t wait to see her, but of course when I did she was misbehaving as normal. Of course, in my own excitement I just had to be a little dirtier than normal. It had been quite some time since I had been called on to baby sit Jenny.

So, Jenny’s diaper was dirty already! I had to apply the lashes as Jenny’s Mommy indicates when Jenny does this. The lashes are landed on the back of Jenny’s tender thighs. She complains, but this is something Jenny’s Mommy says must happen when Jenny messes her diaper. Shame on her!

Of course I had to give her one suppository with my finger. Coaxing it in with a copious amount of vaseline and holding it in place for 30 seconds. All the while, Jenny squirms over my knee as I squeeze the buttocks together to hold the suppository inside. I insert 2 more and then a plunger as I squeeze Jenny’s oversized genitals.

Weeeee We had so much fun. Especially with the lavendar and warm water enema that completed our play. Thanks Jenny!

I can’t wait to do this for you! I am so excited you want to return the favor.


Tisk tisk baby JJ.  Your mommy and daddy pay me to watch you, not to catch you in my panties.  I know you went in to my bag and got out the thong that I wore to the gym this morning.  You were being way too quiet in your bedroom, so as a good babysitter I had to come and check on you.  When I cracked that door open and saw you standing there in my Victoria’s Secret pink cotton panties with the little bow on them I about fell over.  Those are my favorite gym panties mister!
I saw you standing in front of the mirror just rubbing your little pee pee through the material.  Your little pecker got hard because I could see it poking out in those panties.  I walked in to your room and you were shocked to see me standing there with my hands on my hips. You were so embarassed.  I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at you standing there in your room in my panties.
You needed to be taught a lesson though.  You don’t just go in to people’s stuff and put on their clothes, so I brought my bag with me.  Now I want you to reach in to babysitter Candace’s bag and put on whatever you pull out.  You reach your little hand in and pull out the bra that I had on earlier today – it’s pink lace demi style.  You look scared hehe.  I make you put it on.  Look how good it looks with those panties JJ.  You look like a pretty little slut don’t you?
Next you reach in and there is my mini skirt – it’s denim with a little embroidered flower on the edge of it.  You don’t want to put it on but I tell you to do it or your daddy is going to know what you did today.. You reluctantly put on the skirt.  It’s so funny. The last thing you pull out of my bag is a tube of red lipstick.  It’s the darkest sluttiest lipstick that I own.
I tell you to give it to me.  I come over to you and put it on your lips.  You almost start to cry but I am laughing so hard.  Now walk around and show me what a pretty girl you are JJ.  You start walking around the room in your bra, panties, skirt, and lipstick.  It’s the funniest thing.  I take my cell phone out of my pocket and start snapping pictures.  You panic.  Now I have the proof to show your daddy what a slutty little sissy he has for a son.
Now don’t give me any trouble J J or daddy WILL see this pics and you can only imagine what he will do to you!  Do you understand?   Next time you go in to my bag without my permission who knows what you may find.  Candace has lots of toys and I know just where to put them!  Naughty boys get punished!
Good boy!
Losing a bet to me!
So D didn’t realize just how naughty I would get when he lost his bet to me.  We always love playing our little games.  D is always so cocky, he loves to think he can always win.  Tonight, however was an entirely different story.  I handed his ass to him 4 straight hands of poker in a row.  He told me I could do ANYTHING I wanted to him if he lost.  I was more than prepared.

It didn’t matter to me that D was always manly.  He commanded a lot of positive attention from his fellow male counterparts.  I loved how manly he was, especially in bed.  However, as time went on I noticed that D was a little immature.  Especially when he didn’t get his way.  This made me want to treat him just like a baby.  Finally, one day he literally whined when I didn’t make him exactly what he wanted for dinner.  He sounded just like a little girl. 

I took great pains to pick out the outfit I would use tonight.  A nice frilly pink dress that would hang short on his tall frame was in order.  I hung it in the spare closet on a mannequin to make sure the crinoline wouldn’t flatten as I awaited to use it.  I purchased all the things a little baby girl would need, including princess diapers.

It was so fun to diaper and dress my little D and turn him into my baby girl bitch *giggles.  I always love a good, naughty role play like this.  I don’t always have to be the babysitter, I can be the conniving girlfriend that sets out to steal your manhood.  What a fun call.  I can’t wait to do it again!


My dearest JB,

Last night babysitter Shay decided to play with her own little enema bag. I wanted to know what it feels like when I really have to go like you do so that I can describe it to you properly. I tried all four kinds: hot, warm, cold, and graduated.

Now when we do our scenes I will have express knowledge of what you are going through. Not that our stories don’t always progress along very nicely. It’s all in the interest of realism really. I have to thank you for introducing me to the concept, I had never thought of it before.

Now I think I am truly hooked on cleaning you out and following your Mommy’s instructions to the letter. I loved taking you to the doctor and making the nurse watch. The last time we played though was the best! You are such a stubborn little girly and I had to give you 2 VERY large enemas and a suppository!

I think for my next blog entry I will try to write a story because you’ve inspired me to investigate this desire. Merry Christmas!!! Talk to you soon!


I had a wonderful call today from Joe.  We enjoyed some diaper play he was a little willful and that made the call more exciting getting him to do and wear what I wanted.  Joe needed to pass time and we indulged in some fantasy play that let both of us enjoy the call. 
I enjoy ABDL when they open up and help me to understand just what they are looking for.  Some days it might be an adult baby and some days just a guy enjoying diaper play both can be very exciting when are open about what you are looking for.  I enjoyed Joe and look forward to more playtime. 
Big hugs Joe from your babysitter Ivy
Any naughty babies needing a firm hand and wanting to play you can find me here. 

Miss Shay always follows all your Mom’s instructions so call me today and let me be the best babysitter you’ve ever had!

I always love it when Jenny’s mom calls me to babysit.  I am the best babysitter she has ever had she says.  Anyway, today was especially rough on Jenny because I caught her being bad again.  No, it was just smarting off and say “no” in her insolent way either.  It was much worse.

You see Jenny’s mom told me that sometimes Jenny likes to play with herself.  No, I am not talking about that little clitty, although playing with that clitty is certainly off limits as well.  No, Jenny is much naughtier than this.  She likes to play with her little butt hole.  She actually sticks her fingers inside.

I put Jenny bed as directed, fitting the diaper snuggly to her little body after smearing a healthy amount of Vaseline into her bottom and privates.  She remains quiet, but I know she likes this part.  After I tucked her in though I heard some noise coming from her room so, like a good babysitter would, I went to investigate.

There was that little naughty brat, ass in the air and hand down the back of her diaper.  She was pumping her little asshole.  I could tell from the way the diaper was moving as if something were alive inside.

Jenny’s Mom is very clear on what I should do.  Miss Shay cannot deviate from Mom’s directions.  I asked her what she was doing and she lied!  Another sin that Mom says must be paid for.  To add to the pending punishments Jenny sassed and back talked.  For each transgression she received an enema and a suppository.  Mom said that I had to make each one count.  So I applied each one very precisely.  Changing the diaper in between wet, stinky messes until it was time to give the suppositories.  Jenny had earned two of those!

She didn’t really want me to do it, but I lubed up my finger and slid them both into her little rectum at the same time cupping her genitals…I think this make little Jenny squirt and it was much more than pee pee! 



MMM Mommy and Daddy had to go out again today and leave their sweet little man “J” with me while they finished up some Christmas shopping.  It was so fun to see you again after all of the naughty games that we played last night.  I loved when you told me how you had a dream about me and were pretending that you were my little baby nursing on my full tits.  I pulled you up in to my lap and had you show me what you did in your dream.  With my hand behind your head you latched right on to Miss Candace’s nipple and sucked and sucked and sucked.  You were a good baby sucking on one and then the other nipple until your belly was full.  You love my titties because they are so perky and full and not saggy and droopy like your mommies.  I could see your pee pee hard again as you nursed.

Today we got to explore all kinda of other naughty things didn’t we little man?  Well just remember – they are all our secrets.. so shhh don’t tell.

Can’t wait to see my favorite little man soon!

Kiss Kiss

Candace – Your babysitter.

I was so happy when your mommy and daddy asked me to babysit for you again last night baby J.  We always have the best time.  You looked so cute in your new Spiderman pajamas.  Miss Candace loves to come over and spend time with you and show you lots of love and attention. You’re my special boy aren’t you?

I’m so glad that you felt comfortable enough to ask me questions. I know you are getting older and your pee pee has been tingling and growing and you wanted to know why.  When you came and sat on my lap with your legs wrapped around me and your body pressed up against mine – I felt it start to get big.  I explained to you that your pee pee will get big and stiff when you are happy and when it feels good.  Like when Miss Candace reached down and rubbed it over top of your Spiderman shorts.  Did you see how it jumped up big and stiff?  That’s because it felt so good.

I love that we have our “Special” games that are our secret. We can’t tell any body about what Candace teaches you and what we do when your parents are gone.  I am teaching you to be a big boy!!  Big boys keep secrets about what they do with pretty girls.  You are such a good boy and such a quick learner!

I can’t believe you hadn’t touched your pee pee like that before. I know it felt good when you rubbed it and stroked it, but it felt even better when I touched it and put it in my hand.  It got so big for me.  What about when I let you touch my princess panties? Did you see how wet you made my panties.  When you touched my pussy it felt so good.  You stuck your fingers deep inside me and wiggled your fingers just like I told you to and it made me so hot and wet.

I love all the naughty things we did together baby and I can’t wait until we can play again. You are such a good boy and I have SO much more to show you!


Candace – your favorite babysitter.


You better sit still, Nanny Ivy is here. I am a strict disciplinarian sent to line up all ill-behaved Abies and teach them their just manners! If you don’t listen to my lectures, perhaps a little time in the corner will get your attention and if that doesn’t work I am not beyond caning your bottom until it’s blistered cherry red. I grew up in the strictest of homes and I have no problem imparting my knowledge onto you!

When I am not keeping little misbehaving Abies in line I am the sexy, seductive nanny who loves to give her little man a sweet little rub under the covers to help him go to sleep at night. I am the sitter who loves to get “hands on” and teach her little study how to have sex in all those delicious naughty ways he dreams about.

I have experience with forced breast feeding, story telling, diaper humiliation among other things that will keep an unruly baby in line. Let’s have a little chat, little man and you can tell me just how bad of a baby you are!

Call me 1 877 856 WILD


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