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My hard soldier experienced the softer side of me

First off, a man of honesty no matter what the truth may be is an incredible turn on to me. Sometimes when we call a service like this it is easy to lie and make up whatever might sound good and while this works for so many it also has its limitations. I thoroughly enjoy giving pleasure in an unobstructed way, thanks RD.

RD is my soldier boy. He called me last night so early in the morning to let me know he missed me. Of course, I missed him too but I was feeling a bit soft I admit. The sound of his voice coupled with the knowledge that he was holding my secretion infused panties made me want to be so loving and less harsh.

So I squeezed in from behind. In our sleepy dance I let my fingers glide down his body until I discovered that my gift was wrapped in panties. My manly, man of the field loves to taste the feminine side of the game. Teasing him intensely and I let him know I was aroused by pushing into his back. I sucked his hard cock last night, a rare treat but one I was plainly glad to give to my wearied soldier. My soldier is so versatile that any play is ok whenever the mood strikes. I am always happy to oblige!

Thanks for the call last night. You’re special too. Don’t forget it!


Mommy Christy made her baby a special south of the border drink that changed him from a grown man to a nursing baby in less than 20 minutes; it was all due to Mommy’s special Mexican Hot Chocolate that my friend taught me to make from scratch-  it has a chocolaty taste but is white just like formula and with a few additions I was able to take my baby all the way back in time, while wearing my white and pink polka dotted panties.
My baby went from wearing dress pants to diapies with rubber pants made just for him.  I can’t wait to play with B again he is so sweet and fun loving with his roleplay and he is an excellent baby that I never want to put down.  Here is to you baby, Mommy loves you.

The return of dirty little Theresa

Theresa is a really dirty little girl. She loves to call me up and let me know what she has stolen from her sister’s vast wardrobe of wicked little girly delights. It’s always such a pleasure to hear Theresa tell on herself. It is even more of a pleasure to blister her tender little ass for picking the wrong outfit.

I prefer a little slutty girl when I am playing with a sissy. Theresa always dresses too vanilla! She needs to spice it up. I mean if you’re going to steal someone’s lingerie, go for the good stuff. Get the slinky little bras, and why not try wearing some dirty panties that are infused with the scent of that sister you long to be.

So I do spank her. I spank her and let her know that she’s failing me again. On her next call she must do better and of course when she gets all wet, I know I’ve taught her a lesson! Call me today and I will teach you one too!


Tisk tisk baby JJ.  Your mommy and daddy pay me to watch you, not to catch you in my panties.  I know you went in to my bag and got out the thong that I wore to the gym this morning.  You were being way too quiet in your bedroom, so as a good babysitter I had to come and check on you.  When I cracked that door open and saw you standing there in my Victoria’s Secret pink cotton panties with the little bow on them I about fell over.  Those are my favorite gym panties mister!
I saw you standing in front of the mirror just rubbing your little pee pee through the material.  Your little pecker got hard because I could see it poking out in those panties.  I walked in to your room and you were shocked to see me standing there with my hands on my hips. You were so embarassed.  I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at you standing there in your room in my panties.
You needed to be taught a lesson though.  You don’t just go in to people’s stuff and put on their clothes, so I brought my bag with me.  Now I want you to reach in to babysitter Candace’s bag and put on whatever you pull out.  You reach your little hand in and pull out the bra that I had on earlier today – it’s pink lace demi style.  You look scared hehe.  I make you put it on.  Look how good it looks with those panties JJ.  You look like a pretty little slut don’t you?
Next you reach in and there is my mini skirt – it’s denim with a little embroidered flower on the edge of it.  You don’t want to put it on but I tell you to do it or your daddy is going to know what you did today.. You reluctantly put on the skirt.  It’s so funny. The last thing you pull out of my bag is a tube of red lipstick.  It’s the darkest sluttiest lipstick that I own.
I tell you to give it to me.  I come over to you and put it on your lips.  You almost start to cry but I am laughing so hard.  Now walk around and show me what a pretty girl you are JJ.  You start walking around the room in your bra, panties, skirt, and lipstick.  It’s the funniest thing.  I take my cell phone out of my pocket and start snapping pictures.  You panic.  Now I have the proof to show your daddy what a slutty little sissy he has for a son.
Now don’t give me any trouble J J or daddy WILL see this pics and you can only imagine what he will do to you!  Do you understand?   Next time you go in to my bag without my permission who knows what you may find.  Candace has lots of toys and I know just where to put them!  Naughty boys get punished!
Good boy!

Hello BW it’s mommy I very much enjoyed you today.  I love diapering my naughty boy and showing him off in front of my friends.  ABDL’s give mommy a lot of pleasure.  When I diaper you and make you baby talk for me and my friends it is a naughty little rush.  Making you nurse at my breast while my friends watched and your little wee wee got hard gives me pleasure.  My baby had me very excited today. 

BW I would love to play other baby games with you so don’t be shy.  Dressing you up and letting you play for me gives me the control I love.  I like knowing you are getting as excited as I am even while my friends giggle and make fun of what a big baby you are.

BW you will be getting a package in the mail in a few days with mommy’s panties and a note just for you.  I hope when you get them you will call 1.877.856.9453 and we can play again while you tell me all about it. 

Now for all the other ABDL give mommy a call and let’s explore your diaper fantasy together. 

Kisses & Hugs

Mommy Annabelle

What a dirty little girl toy!

One thing is very clear with Mommy Rebecca, I love my boys dirty and I love them to be the best sissy little sluts they can be. I love diaper play most of all. I will talk about every kind of diaper knowns to man, woman and of course itsy bitsy little baby.

Ginny is a good little sissy slut for Rebecca. She loves it when Mommy uses her big, hard, swollen milk infused nipple to make her go pee pee in her little pamper. It is sooo much fun when Grandma and sister watch. Grandma and sister see how little our pee wee is and they giggle with glee as baby Ginny crawls on the floor to fetch Mommy a clean diaper.

When Mommy leans over to change Ginny’s diaper, it is clear that Mommy is on her period. After Mommy changes Ginny, the little slut must make Mommy ready for a messy time with all the neighbors. It’s Ginny’s responsibility to remove the tampon and fluff the cock for Mommy. She looks so sweet in her little pink dress as she sucks that big 9″ cock into her little baby mouth.

What a dirty little girl toy.

Call me…I’m always up for a most dirty time.


Your panties have been shipped.

Mommy Logan


Mommy Elaine got a little surprise from her little S this morning. He called all horny and missing me. He always just loves to be caught sifting through my dirty panties. I love it how he tells me he misses me and this is why he does this.

It is no surprised that I must do my utmost to correct him. I love to dress him and frills while letting him know of Mommy’s plans for a little Christmas Eve show with him as the star. That little pink dress is oh so short, but that bulky little ruffle back diaper sure makes S look like the little cunt craving sissy he is.

To avoid any unpleasant feelings Mommy must bring S around pretty fast. That is one the great things about calling me, you can always tell Mommy what you want. Even though I am the strictest of dommes I realize we all have our preferences. It doesn’t surprise me that S lasts only 11 min on norm, he is a diaper wearing sissy with a propensity for sniffing dirty pretties now isn’t he?

Merry Christmas to all.

Mommy Elaine

Hey there sweet little angel,
Come play with me in my nursery.  I have it all ready for you.  It’s pretty and pink and girly and frilly just like my little sissy boy.  Crawl in to the nursery and let’s play dress up.  I’ll take you out of that boring fuzzy sleeper and change your diaper – powdering your bottom before covering up that diaper with the cute little pink ruffle butt panties with the white lace trim.
Stay still while I slip this pretty pink dress over your head and make you the prettiest little princess ever.  Don’t fight mommy – or you will be in BIG TROUBLE mister.  I would hate to spank you and force you to wear this dress out in public!  I like it when you comply like a good boy, but don’t get me wrong, if mommy has to be strict and punish you – I will!
Now that you have your dress on I want to put these cute little white frilly socks on and white patent leather shoes.  Oh baby you are adorable!  Spin around for mommy.  Show mommy what a pretty little girl you are.  I love to stand in front of the mirror with you and watch you twirl around and spin your skirt up.
Mommy always wanted a little girl and now I’ve got one hehe.  Come play with mommy and let’s have some fun in this brand new nursery that I set up.  I have the crib, changing table, mobile, blankies, and diapers all ready for you.
Don’t keep mommy Jessie waiting. 
The stockings are hanging empty!  Why, you ask my dear?  Because you   
have been a very naughty baby this year, that’s why!  You fancy 
yourself good enough to sift through Mommy’s pretties to suit your own 
selfish needs.  This, my dirty little one, will never, never do.

Of course Santa has special plans for dirty little girls like you, yes 
he does!  Mommy has a list that she must fulfill before you can open 
any of your Christmas presents this year.  Yes, Mommy has to set you 
right.  You’re not even old enough to wear Mommy’s panties so Santa 
says a diaper is in order.  You’re definitely too underdeveloped for 
that bra of mine so you will wear this little pink dress with a white 
petticoat.  Santa says if you not become the sweetest little girl all 
your presents will not match.  We must take care of this problem right 

Mommy will teach you all the girl talk.  She will hold your hand as 
she lets you discover your inner little girl.  We will talk of the 
birds and the bees and of periods, and if you please, we must go see 
the gynecologist.

All because Santa said so!  Call Mommy Elaine today.  All naughty boys 
must be corrected swiftly because there are only 2 days until Christmas!



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