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Naughty Neighbor Rebecca makes him reveal his sissy secrets and shows him off!

Cindy this is for you! “Jack and Jill went up the Hill”- But you fell down that hill didn’t you, KW? You look like that hurt and just a tad embarrassed by your tumble. You seem a b it awkward, I wonder if you are hurt, but your pants seem a bit larger than they should. I really need to make sure you are ok. I adjust your pants, your face is getting red, though I am just trying to help, KW

You aren’t wearing underwear, are you KW? I think you are wearing a diaper. What will I find when I pull your pants back and check? I was right, you ARE wearing a diaper and I think you have more to show Auntie Rebecca. Show me all your sissy things; show me what you are hiding and where you hide them.

KW, I am going to get you into a nice short dress…so short everyone will see your diaper. I want to get you all dolled up KW. I want you in those cute, tight stockings and adorable shoes. Let me make sure you are all set before my final crown for you. I rub your diaper and make sure it is snug. You like that, don’t you? You like your diaper rubbed, I can tell, but I have more to do first, KW. Let me get you set up in your Shirley Temple wig. It’s time to take my sissy boy out to see my Doctor friend.

KW, this embarrassment excites you, doesn’t it? The knowledge that everyone will know your secret is almost as exciting as me rubbing your diaper. I show you off like a good sissy boy that you are. I rub you good since you have been such a good Sissy for Auntie Rebecca. I feel your body jerk, I know you made a mess for Auntie, didn’t you? Let me change you and get you allll clean before we go see my friend. If you are good inthere, maybe I will help my sissy KW make another mess…I know how much you would like that….



The babysitter was busy tonight – it’s New Years Eve.  Baby J was left in my care and I brought over a very special bag of goodies for him tonight.  I don’t really like babysitting boys – little pretty princesses are so much more fun :)  I decided that tonight I was going to make baby J in to a pretty little girl.

He was naked when I got there so it was perfect timing.  I grabbed my bag and pulled out the first treat for baby J – it was the cutest pair of ruffle butt panties.  They were silky pink material with lots of cute little ruffles on the butt. They are so girly and going to make baby J look like a cute little sissy girl for me.  I hold them so he can step in to them. They make his little pee pee get hard the minute that soft material touches it.  He reaches down and starts to rub his pee pee through the material loving how soft they feel.  He is so happy to have on pretty little panties.

Next I reach in and grab a frilly lacey pink pageant dress. It’s so girly he loves it and smiles from ear to ear.  I dress him up and stick 2 little barretts in his hair.  He looks like such a cute little girl.  I have him come stand beside me in front of mommy’s floor length mirror.  We look like sisters :)

I love playing dress up with baby J and making him my pretty princess.  Next time I babysit, I’m going to dress him up and take him out so every one can see my cute little girl that I watch :)  Wont that be fun baby?

Kisses from your absitter!



Baby B, I love giving you special egg nog. I made is special just for my Baby B, I added my own spiced rum to it to make sure I have you just the way I like you. I love hearing your words become more child like, more innocent and your mind matching so I have to lead you through what Mommy wants. Look at mommy as the rum takes you back down amnesia lane to a better, more pure, more loving time. I love dressing up for Baby B!

My Christmas dress is so short you can almost see if I am wearing any panties or not, but you like my candy canes stockings more, don’t you? Do you want to lick a candy cane Baby B? Look at Mommy’s boobies, I have them pressed high for Baby B to look at. Let Mommy get you diapered for our party, I want to make sure everything is perfect for you. I powder all your special parts and put your diapr on before getting you dressed.

Once we arrive at the party, everyone notices your diaper. To make a good diaper, sometimes it has to peek out, Baby B. Don’t worry, the other women love it and they envy me. They wish they had a man that needs them like you need Mommy. Do you need to get some of your embarrassment out? Come climb into Mommy’s lap, motor boat with your lips on my boobies. I love feeling your lips across them!

Baby B feels like he is still a big boy in his diaper, I feel your pup tent in your Huggies. Baby B can’t lose his temper, you can’t have everything you want when you want it, wait for Mommy to take care of you. Once the party is finished, our party will begin, but Baby B needs to wait for Mommy. I love having my Baby B at a Christmas party, you make everything better.

You like the fuzzy trim on my outfit, let me take you to the bathroom so I can check your diaper. Pull my fuzzy bottom to the side, kiss Mommy and make yourself happy, but to play with the rest, Baby B will have to wait until we’re home…call me Baby B to take me home so we can have our real party, Mommy needs her Baby B.

Mommy Logan

Sweet trick or treats

Little baby Julie wants to be a princess for Halloween. We have to wait for Mommy to go out, though. We wouldn’t want to know what becomes of her precious little boy while Miss Shelly is babysitting.

First, I make him take off all his boy clothes and put them into the trash. He doesn’t really need those. He’s not really a boy afterall because that pee pee is so small. He’s better off being a girl. Miss Shelly makes him call his pee pee a clitty.

Then we put on the shear panties and the green overdress with the jagged hemline! What a pretty little Tinkerbell she is now! I take her over to the neighbors where she puts her long clitting into the wet, seeping hole of princess Jasmine! I can’t wait to babysit for Julie again!

Miss Shelly

You look so pretty with that dick in your cock sucker.  You are so pretty in your pink schoolgirl uniform and you bulky little diaper underneath.  You love to admit your dirty little ways.  Your half attempt at being female only calls attention to the qualities you lack.  That’s why I’m your favorite babysitter.  I remind you deliciously about all those sissy bitch shortcomings.  You truly need me to watch over you or you might hurt yourself *giggles.You’re a fag baby bitch and your treasure hunt in your diaper has left you empty handed. Miss Shelly is gonna have to make you do something to remind you that you do have something under that diaper.  I guess you’ll just have to wet that baby diaper and take a nice big poopie in front of your favorite babysitter.

So Miss Shelly made you suck on that fleshy fake dick while you filled that diaper.  You had to sit in your own mess because that is what you do best.  The next time you call we’re going to have to use the paddle on your tender bare bottom if you ever try to step a toe out of line again!

Miss Shelly 

What a dirty little D!  Mommy Annabelle just loves it when her diaper loving boys call already dirty and ready to play.  D just loves to be so messy, playing with his already erect pee pee under that soaking wet, stinky diaper.

I think my favorite part of this job is just seeing how dirty my boys love to get.  I love sissies too, not just diaper lovers.  Although, I will say, that D has made me feel like pulling the Bambinos out of the closet for an afternoon of diaper loving fun. 

I am not ashamed to put one on and play right along with a guy like D.

Too bad we can make plans for the future.  I know when D called yesterday I had just finished emptying out.  Who knows, maybe next time he will call and we will get lucky!


This is Aunt Tori, you know me, I’m your favorite Aunt. I would say your name but I forgot it because I was too busy laughing at your pathetic 2 inch sissy wee wee. It’s okay though because I just love little sissies! I was so proud to hear that you didn’t wet or mess in your diaper all day! That’s such a big girl, great job! You did so good that you did deserve to play with your little sissy thingy. Auntie Tori really enjoyed hearing you be a naughty little sissy boy. Hope you don’t soil that clean diaper! Sweet dreams Sissy.

 I Just love it when J’s mom calls me to babysit.  We always have so much fun.  We have so many naughty little secrets that we share.  My new favorite secret is how we love to play pretty princess dress up while J’s Mom is working.

Our pretty little princess dress up game includes a complete little make-over for J including sweet little pig tails with long pink ribbons.  J feels so wonderful as I comb her long silky hair and put in the ribbons.  The sweet powder pink ruffle dress fits perfectly on her little body. 

Today I had a special treat for my J though.  Her Mommy will never know but I stole a pair of pink crotchless panties for us to try.  Oh, they even had the nicest little ruffle up the back.  It was the perfect touch and went with the special white long socks nicely.

Of course our secrets will always be safe.  I love it how we kiss each other in special places and when J is especially good I let her ask for special favors.  We always have so much fun together.

When you are looking for a sweet, young babysitter who loves to play with little girlies look no further!  Miss Shelley is here to make all those little princess dreams real for you!

An afternoon in the loving care of Mommy Tawni
I just love my delightful little baby RJ.  When I heard his voice this afternoon, I could barely wait for my little sissy girl to try on the new pink pinafore I bought at the mall a couple of days ago.  She was so excited when she saw all the pink frills that she wet her big girl pants upon presentation!  What a naughty little wannabe princess!

That’s why I am the new resident favorite babysitter of wayward little girls.  I take my time to make sure every detail is covered—right down to describing the delicate folds of your newly morphed feminine nether region.  Yes, with me you no longer have a “wee wee” because Tawni loves her little girls.
I just love pink—everything about it.  My day care center if filled to the brim with pink plushies, restraints (only of the softest material) and furniture.  Everything we need to make your daycare experience as a sissy come true.  I love to help in toilet training and have no problem administering enemas or other medical play to help things move along.

I’m available all day and over the July 4th weekend so if you get a break in your action and need a hot sissy baby sitter give me a call!  We will spend hours together in my day care center making all your wildest sissy fantasies come true…and no we won’t tell Mommy!


Hey there! I’m Nanny Kimora. I’m the live in Nanny of your dreams or the wicked spinster of your nightmares—whichever you prefer. I’m the touch of Asian persuasion in your wildest of ABDL fantasies. I just can’t wait to meet you and found out what makes my baby tick!
I am a full time ABDL nanny. That’s right. This is reality for me. I am talking I live this lifestyle and have for about 10 years now. I have a fully equipped nursery with all the oversized diapers, baby bottles, play pens and toys. I will take you into my nursery in our fantasies and treat you how you’ve always dreamed of being treated.

I’m can be strick or sweet. I love diaper play, forced-fem, sissy play, spanking and other various kinks. The thing to remember about Nanny Kimora is that I am not for the wannabe fetishist—I take my play seriously and I love my babies to be on the same page with me. Let’s play tonight, honey—I promise to make all your baby desires come to a blazing reality.


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