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You look so pretty with that dick in your cock sucker.  You are so pretty in your pink schoolgirl uniform and you bulky little diaper underneath.  You love to admit your dirty little ways.  Your half attempt at being female only calls attention to the qualities you lack.  That’s why I’m your favorite babysitter.  I remind you deliciously about all those sissy bitch shortcomings.  You truly need me to watch over you or you might hurt yourself *giggles.You’re a fag baby bitch and your treasure hunt in your diaper has left you empty handed. Miss Shelly is gonna have to make you do something to remind you that you do have something under that diaper.  I guess you’ll just have to wet that baby diaper and take a nice big poopie in front of your favorite babysitter.

So Miss Shelly made you suck on that fleshy fake dick while you filled that diaper.  You had to sit in your own mess because that is what you do best.  The next time you call we’re going to have to use the paddle on your tender bare bottom if you ever try to step a toe out of line again!

Miss Shelly 

Mommy just talked to a very sweet and naughty babykins.  I love my babies that wear the old fashion style cloth diapers with rubber diaper covers.  And for my sissy babies that have pretty pastel colors with lots of ruffles on your bottom that shows from under your sisyy dress.   Babykins is a sweet sissy that loves her pretty things and knows how to make her mommy feel very special.  Bayykins loves nice thick diapers bunched up between her legs with big baby pins with pretty little ducks on them.  Everything about babykins says she is a true sissy baby who loves her nursery with all its sissy dress’s and stacks of cloth diapers and sheer curtains so people can see in and know a baby girl sleeps in that babybed.   

I very much enjoyed nursing babykins and feeling how excited she was getting.  The way she pressed against me and rubbed while she sucked and played with mommy’s nipple.  And even when I showed her off to my friends and had to punish her by spanking her bare bottom she was still a very grateful baby.  Mommy looks forward to our next play date. 

Kisses from mommy Tori

I have had such a busy week – lots of mommies and daddies are out and about and leaving their precious little ones with their favorite absitter!  It’s Super Bowl weekend and I have 2 very special play dates planned with my favorite adult babies.  I can’t wait.  I have so much planned for us to do.

I have some pretty little ruffle butt panties to bring over for JM to wear.  I love dressing him up like my cute little sister.  They are pink and lacey and frilly and he’s going to be such a pretty sissy for his babysitter.  He refuses to let any one watch him because we always have the most fun.  He’s my favorite absitter because he is so eager to learn.

Another of my abies is coming over for me to watch him as well and he’s been very very naughty!  He may not know it or not but he is in for some serious diaper punishment.  His mommy told me that he’s refusing to be a big boy and go potty on the big boy potty and all he wants is his diapys – so that is exactly what he’s gonna get.  If he wants to go potty in his diaper, he’s going to stay in it until I say he can be changed!!  If he gets a messy diaper, he’s gonna have to sit in it until I decide it’s time to change him.

I have lots of fun things planned for my sweet abies and I can’t wait until tomorrow.  We’re going to do lunch and then the fun will begin.  I always have room for a few more – so call me if you want to join us.

I specialize in:

*age regression  * infantalism  * diaper training * diaper punishment

* adult babies / diaper lovers  * nursing  * feeding  * play time

* bath time fun  * changing  * discipline  * roleplaying

* incest fantasies  * nursing  * spanking

Sometimes one mommy just isn’t enough and two would be even better – don’t you think?  Especially some of you really unruly abies, you may need two mommies to keep you in line :)

A lot of you have already done it – but for those of you who have not, you can now talk to TWO mommies at the same time for only $1.99 minute.  That’s less than most services charge for one phone actress – we hire only REAL mommies, real grannies, real nannies, aunties, and babysitters who have REAL world experience with Adult Babies, Diaper Fetishists, Age Regression, Infantalism, Diaper wearing (for the babies we hire), and of course then women with experience in other aspects of “naughty”.

One phone number can connect you to dozens of the hottest lifestylers around – and next time try two and see what you’ve been missing.

Just let the dispatcher know what two women you’d like to speak to and you’ll be connected to them BOTH LIVE in their bedrooms.. What more could you want hehe.

When I was at the tender young age of 5 – I discovered how good diapys felt against my sweet little pee pee when I would still my baby sister’s diapers. I would sit in my room for hours rubbing the diapers into my little girl privates while sucking my thumb.
I’m a bit older now, but I’m still a very wee little baby inside. I just wuv to play horsey with Daddy while he talks baby talk to me. I love it when Daddy tells me that I am his sweet special girl and how it is always going to be ok for me to potty in my diapys instead of the big girl potty. Daddy always loves to pat my padded diaper bottom. This makes me ohhhhhh so happy.

I can be a bit spoiled sometimes too. It’s ok, you do what you must to keep me in line! I know that sometimes I deserve a swift, hard spanking sometimes. I know I can be a bit whiney but please don’t make me go to bed without my
ba ba!

Call me Daddy for a truly submissive AB experience you’ll never forget . I also love to play with the other mommies and absitters on the site. We can all have fun together hehe.  Call me and let’s be diaper buddies!

Well..Well… It’s Sunday.  This weekend I really enjoyed a yummy chat with JP.  My sissy baby was ready for a little dose of confessions (It is good for the soul, of course!).  As a reward I unveiled my treasure chest of surprises.  You need a special mommy that understands the adult baby you are. JP this weekend I recognize that a little bit of sensual humiliation makes all of your baby play more fun with me.  Mommy Christy is sexy, soothing and gentle to all of her babies.  I love them oh so much!   Let mommy take over to satisfy your needs and your helplessness.

JT.. I know…Mommy Christy knows you are a big boy and big boys don’t wear diapers but you leave me no choice.  Now take off those big boy pants & underwear so mommy can stick this diaper on you.  “Oh now don’t talk back or I will give you a spanking”.  If you continue to talk back to me mommy will put you over her knee and give you a …..This time I will use 8 instead of 4 to punish you for disobeying me. I am fully stocked and ready for you!

Call Mommy Christy for Adult Baby and Diaper Lover Phone Sex. ABDL fetish is my speciality.  Let’s spend one on one time together on the phone for live personal roleplay.  My delicate pampering will make you go “Ga-Ga”.

I just love it when a dirty boy calls with a literally open slate upon which I can create the ultimate fantasy.  I am a very open minded person.  I don’t just limit myself to Mommy/AB play either.  I like to sort of chat with you and go with the flow.  Today, I just talk to one of the hottest little sluts I have encountered in a long time.  R called and told me he was used to being in charge all day and so he wanted someone who could amply take control of his orgasm.


And that is exactly what I did.  I made him into my little 15 year old student and proceeded to teach him how to please me as a woman.  That entailed some ass play, fucking him with objects that no one should ever dare fuck.  I commanded his cock through the penetration of his little fuck hole and he moaned and squealed with delight for me.  Of course I was jerking on my very horny pussy the whole time.  How could I not?? It was sooo fucking hot!
I can’t wait to see where this goes next.  R–if you are reading this thank you for making my afternoon a little brighter.  I was hoping for a little hot fun and you definitely were up for the occasion.     http://www.aphonemommy.com  Call me now 1 877 856 WILD

Kisses and hugs! 


What a dirty little girl!  So I showed up early to Jenny’s house today and found her sitting on the sofa in her little school dress all knocked kneed.  At first glace she said that there was no school today!  What a little liar she is because I picked up the phone and asked…school was not cancelled.  So then Jenny said “But Shay, I was sick,” so I put a thermometer in her mouth and went to get a drink in the kitchen.

When I came back I checked the thermometer and at first glance it looked like Jenny was telling the truth, but then I noticed the steaming cup of coffee that was sitting on the end table nearby.  I instantly knew what Jenny had done!  She had heated the thermometer so it would LOOK like she was running a fever.  She was sitting there on the sofa looking all innocent.  She thought I would let her off the hook.

Not the case.  I was about to let her wait either until Mommy came home.  After all what are good babysitters for?  I took Jenny into the bedroom and made her lay on the bed.  Her little bottom looked so tender but I used vix to lube her little buddy hole.  The smell let me know with watering eyes she now sported that it was work as I slid in the suppository again.  I spanked that little ass until it was red and sore and Jenny lost herself and made a huge mess!



http://www.aphonemommy.com    Toll Free 1 877 856 WILD

Hi!  This is everyone’s favorite little babysitter Shay.  I am just coming back from one naughty assignment.  Little baby Jenny…wow, what a little stinker she is!!!

First, Mommy told me all about this little naughty girl.  Seems that she takes fits of acting just like a baby even though she well grown and no longer in need of diapers.  I was told to put the diaper on with lots of Vaseline if she got too lippy and that is exactly what I had to do.  I had to fuss and fight and make this little brat put that diaper on after I reddened that little bottom with a harsh spanking.

As if that wasn’t enough, you Jenny’s Mommy loves to make sure that Jenny feels exactly like the little bratty baby girl she is.  Of course she hates this, but it is so necessary.  What a bad baby girl though, I had to sit on her to insert the suppository into her little bottom.  With a swift pat I waiting for it take effect and then that little dirty baby girl dirty her little vagina when she lost control all in that diaper.  What a nasty little girl Jenny is!!
I hope that I at least get a well-behaved baby today.  Sometimes I love to be very loving but if I have to I will spank so you better behave around me!!


http://www.aphonemommy.com  Toll Free 1 877 856 WILD


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