ABDL Journal

The sweet pain of humiliation for my little sissy boy

Posted on: December 17, 2009

The sweet pain of humiliation for my little sissy boy

I caught you again, being the dirtiest little boy you can be.  That’s right you were in my room again.  Who gave you permission to rub Mommy’s panties into your little prick?  Well Mommy had to teach again what it means to be REALLY naughty.  Mommy had to make you put on that pretty pink dress again and that naughty little princess diaper.  I had to make you touch it in front of my friends and show them what a naughty little sissy boy you are for Mommy.  It makes Mommy’s pussy soooo wet to hear her sissy boy say her name!

You begged for it too.  You wanted to put it inside didn’t you?  Mommy had to tease you a little bit and make you want it even more.  I had to rub my nipples on your face and fondle the outside of your diaper.

When Mommy finally let you have her cunt, you squealed but Mommy again had to let everyone know that she really couldn’t feel a things.  Dum de dum…Mommy will make it faster next time, but I really enjoy you S–you’re a LOAD of sissy boy fun.


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