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J, you love watching the small and tiny women wear diapers, knowing they need their safety and security. Getting the diapers settled just right, making sure they are dry and perfect. Even though they are wearing a diaper, that’s not all that drives you, is it?

While they are wonderful to look at, you are fascinated with pee pee. It makes you excited to see someone pee, especially if you are close. Let Mommy Sydney get on top of you J, and let me go pee pee on you.

I see you getting excited, J wants to cum doesn’t he? You can’t until you clean Mommy’s pee pee hole, I want you to get in and taste it and smell Mommy and how good she smells before you make your mess. When you make your mess, Mommy will be so glad to clean it up for her good J.


Mommy Sydney

Baby B, I love giving you special egg nog. I made is special just for my Baby B, I added my own spiced rum to it to make sure I have you just the way I like you. I love hearing your words become more child like, more innocent and your mind matching so I have to lead you through what Mommy wants. Look at mommy as the rum takes you back down amnesia lane to a better, more pure, more loving time. I love dressing up for Baby B!

My Christmas dress is so short you can almost see if I am wearing any panties or not, but you like my candy canes stockings more, don’t you? Do you want to lick a candy cane Baby B? Look at Mommy’s boobies, I have them pressed high for Baby B to look at. Let Mommy get you diapered for our party, I want to make sure everything is perfect for you. I powder all your special parts and put your diapr on before getting you dressed.

Once we arrive at the party, everyone notices your diaper. To make a good diaper, sometimes it has to peek out, Baby B. Don’t worry, the other women love it and they envy me. They wish they had a man that needs them like you need Mommy. Do you need to get some of your embarrassment out? Come climb into Mommy’s lap, motor boat with your lips on my boobies. I love feeling your lips across them!

Baby B feels like he is still a big boy in his diaper, I feel your pup tent in your Huggies. Baby B can’t lose his temper, you can’t have everything you want when you want it, wait for Mommy to take care of you. Once the party is finished, our party will begin, but Baby B needs to wait for Mommy. I love having my Baby B at a Christmas party, you make everything better.

You like the fuzzy trim on my outfit, let me take you to the bathroom so I can check your diaper. Pull my fuzzy bottom to the side, kiss Mommy and make yourself happy, but to play with the rest, Baby B will have to wait until we’re home…call me Baby B to take me home so we can have our real party, Mommy needs her Baby B.

Mommy Logan

Tommy, you are such a dirty little Boy! Your sheets smell like bad PP. You said you wouldn’t make PP on your special superhero underwear, but you did! You said you wouldn’t make PP on the special Superman sheets, but there is PP on your sheets too! Mommy is very disappointed Tommy, you aren’t being a big boy.

You have to wear diapers now Tommy. I won’t let you have a good diaper, because you aren’t a good boy. I take out Mommy’s special pads, her maxi pads and I tape them together to make a diaper for you and put it on with gray tape. You won’t be able to take it off.

If you go PP in it Tommy, I will make you sit on the big boy potty until you go PP. I see you trying to talke off that diaper. Mommy made that just for you, keep it on. Do you need to go PP? Hold it until Mommy says you can go.

If you can’t hold it, you will keep wetting your bed. Now I will take off your diaper so you can go Potty. If you Potty good, I will reward you the way only Mommy can, but if you don’t…

Tommy, call Mommy, tell me if you went potty like a big boy and need to be rewarded or if you didn’t and I need to keep forcing you to stop making PP in your bed.


Mommy is very disappointed in some of her abies for not calling and taking advantage of such a special.  Mommy has been filling her nursery with lots of fun toys and goodies for good little boys and girls this holiday season.

Now go get dressed – or diapered hehe and call mommy now at 1-877-856-WILD and mention “mistletoe” and mommy and baby can enjoy 30 minutes of play time for only $30!!

Be a good little one and hurry up.. Mommy doesn’t like having to wait.

Mwah.. Mommy will be here and ready 🙂

I can have much fun when Mommy is away with my new little neighbor girl, Baby Julie. We like to sneak into Mommy’s closet and find her special clothes that she wears and I dress up my Baby Julie. I love to play special games with her that helps her be a good little girl.

I have so many games I want to play while Baby Julie and I dress up. I want to show her everything she needs to be a good girl so I show her how to sit on my lap and I want to touch her body all over. Maybe if she is lucky, a grown up will play with us like that too. I like my lips against hers, they feel so much better than some prickly faced man. I want to kiss her like grown ups do and feel her tongue.

When we think Mommy will be coming home, we have to put everything back, but that only means I get to see Baby Julie all naked. I like getting all of Mommy’s make up off and getting her dressed again, but most of all we like to play. We touch each other’s naughty parts whenever we can, because who knows when Mommy will leave us alone again?

Auntie Rebecca loves it when KD comes over to visit. I spend so much time getting ready with special activities only an Auntie can play. When KD comes over I get a delightfully naughty niece! When KD came over, I had to take my time and do things right. We changed him into her diaper and KD was my niece. So ready to play!

KD needed to learn how to make Mr. Man happy so we had her suck his dick. I watched with delight as she swallowed the head of Mr. Man’s cock and stroke it as she licked. Her eyes got big after a bit because Mr. Man was so big in her mouth, but she kept sucking his cock. When Mr. Man finally came in KD’s mouth, she drank it all like a good little girl. I was so proud of her.

KD wanted to see how a good girl takes it in her pussy, so I had a special lesson for her. I leaned back and let her see my tight, hot cunt and how Mr. Man could take me deep and hard. KD was surprised how many ways Auntie Rebecca could have Mr. Man inside of her! Auntie had it from the side, from the back, from the top and from behind before Mr. Man finally came inside Auntie. When Mr. Man came, Auntie and niece had both had him and we were both so happy. KD, call again soon, Auntie needs so more fun with her favorite niece…

DW, I take my good baby boy out to lunch to a grown up place. I like taking my boy out and show him off, you are just too adorable to keep to myself! I dress you up just right and make sure your diaper is on; your bottom is powdered and comfy and take you out for some delicious lunch. We get seated at a nice table and Mommy knows what she is going to have, but what about DW? I have my low cut blouse with the breastfeeding gap on and I see your eyes go to me. I don’t think you want to eat the food from the restaurant, do you?

Climb into my lap, ignore everyone staring at you as I let your mouth attach itself to my breast. Take your lunch in front of everyone, drink well as you are the object of everyone’s attention in the room. I see the red flush your face as you feed in public and the shame they make you feel. I feel your diaper is wet, the pretty lady one table over knows it too as she can smell your dirty ditty.

I lay you on the floor in this nice restaurant and change your dirty ditty in front of everyone. I wipe you clean and powder your bottom so you can finish on my other breast. You don’t want to be a bad boy and leave one of my breasts engorged, do you? Come here, DW and finish off my other breast like a good boy… I’ve had so much fun with my good boy I think I need to take you to dinner next …