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 I Just love it when J’s mom calls me to babysit.  We always have so much fun.  We have so many naughty little secrets that we share.  My new favorite secret is how we love to play pretty princess dress up while J’s Mom is working.

Our pretty little princess dress up game includes a complete little make-over for J including sweet little pig tails with long pink ribbons.  J feels so wonderful as I comb her long silky hair and put in the ribbons.  The sweet powder pink ruffle dress fits perfectly on her little body. 

Today I had a special treat for my J though.  Her Mommy will never know but I stole a pair of pink crotchless panties for us to try.  Oh, they even had the nicest little ruffle up the back.  It was the perfect touch and went with the special white long socks nicely.

Of course our secrets will always be safe.  I love it how we kiss each other in special places and when J is especially good I let her ask for special favors.  We always have so much fun together.

When you are looking for a sweet, young babysitter who loves to play with little girlies look no further!  Miss Shelley is here to make all those little princess dreams real for you!

An afternoon in the loving care of Mommy Tawni
I just love my delightful little baby RJ.  When I heard his voice this afternoon, I could barely wait for my little sissy girl to try on the new pink pinafore I bought at the mall a couple of days ago.  She was so excited when she saw all the pink frills that she wet her big girl pants upon presentation!  What a naughty little wannabe princess!

That’s why I am the new resident favorite babysitter of wayward little girls.  I take my time to make sure every detail is covered—right down to describing the delicate folds of your newly morphed feminine nether region.  Yes, with me you no longer have a “wee wee” because Tawni loves her little girls.
I just love pink—everything about it.  My day care center if filled to the brim with pink plushies, restraints (only of the softest material) and furniture.  Everything we need to make your daycare experience as a sissy come true.  I love to help in toilet training and have no problem administering enemas or other medical play to help things move along.

I’m available all day and over the July 4th weekend so if you get a break in your action and need a hot sissy baby sitter give me a call!  We will spend hours together in my day care center making all your wildest sissy fantasies come true…and no we won’t tell Mommy!


Naughty Nanny Ivy

I have been a most naughty Nanny lately.  I have been far to busy to write and yet I do feel guilty.  I have some of the sweetest, filthy little brats and misbehaved little naves to write about too.

Ones like DW—yes you know who you are!  My little baby who loves his breast milk infused with a little tincture d’adult (vodka for those of you who lack French speaking skills).  Yes, it’s true…my little baby is an alcoholic at this breast.  Last night, he came to me awakening me.  His little pee pee needing all of Nanny Ivy’s love and a good soaking fresh from over full mammary glands!  MMM, can’t wait to do it again my dear.

And then, as if I haven’t heard from him in a long time!  J—where are you?  You know how you disappointed Mommy on mother’s day and Mommy had to set you straight.  I know you must have soiled those big boy pants again and I must fix your mind!  I miss you…call me.
That’s all for now, I just wanted everyone to know that I am alive and well. 

Can’t wait to see what the next week brings from my naughty little naves!

Nanny Ivy

An evening with Candace

Let’s get something fairly clear, even though you may think you don’t need those diapers you really do.  Your Mommy made clear instructions to keep you bound in them. She instructed me to coat that teeny weeny and little marbles with a nice coating of Desitin with every diaper change.

DW you and I had some fun with this the other night.  I think you’re going to be my favorite new baby!  I love it that you let me rub my hot little pussy all over your diaper.  I loved having diaper change time with you too.

What else do you like to do?  I am always open for more ideas.  I really like to pretend to be a big Mommy sometimes and make you suck on my over developed breasts.  I love to breastfeed.  Come to think of it there is little I don’t like.  Maybe taking a stroll outside next time is in order *giggles.


I have had such a busy week – lots of mommies and daddies are out and about and leaving their precious little ones with their favorite absitter!  It’s Super Bowl weekend and I have 2 very special play dates planned with my favorite adult babies.  I can’t wait.  I have so much planned for us to do.

I have some pretty little ruffle butt panties to bring over for JM to wear.  I love dressing him up like my cute little sister.  They are pink and lacey and frilly and he’s going to be such a pretty sissy for his babysitter.  He refuses to let any one watch him because we always have the most fun.  He’s my favorite absitter because he is so eager to learn.

Another of my abies is coming over for me to watch him as well and he’s been very very naughty!  He may not know it or not but he is in for some serious diaper punishment.  His mommy told me that he’s refusing to be a big boy and go potty on the big boy potty and all he wants is his diapys – so that is exactly what he’s gonna get.  If he wants to go potty in his diaper, he’s going to stay in it until I say he can be changed!!  If he gets a messy diaper, he’s gonna have to sit in it until I decide it’s time to change him.

I have lots of fun things planned for my sweet abies and I can’t wait until tomorrow.  We’re going to do lunch and then the fun will begin.  I always have room for a few more – so call me if you want to join us.

I specialize in:

*age regression  * infantalism  * diaper training * diaper punishment

* adult babies / diaper lovers  * nursing  * feeding  * play time

* bath time fun  * changing  * discipline  * roleplaying

* incest fantasies  * nursing  * spanking

February is the month for love and kisses and that’s just what all of us sweet and naughty mommies, aunties, grannies, and babysitters want to do to you precious little ones – ALL month long 🙂

When you order your call – Mention the February Special and you can choose from

1. Do 20 minutes and get 5 minutes FREE

2. FREE Panties with any call 20 minutes or longer

* Limit one discount per call – per day.

Cum play with us and take advantage of these specials for naughty boys only 🙂  ok.. it’s valid for good boys and girls too hehe

Mommy Jessie had a soaking baby WR to babysit and he liked Mommy’s white thigh high stockings and her white polka dot thong panties so much he soaked his already wet diapie all over again and made too big a mess…it’s ok because Mommy has a large store of clean soft and warm cloth diapies all ready to put on.

Mommy was planning on dressing baby up in a white lace dress with a beautiful white lace dress with a white satin underslip and cute little ruffled panties and white lace tights with the cutest patent leather MaryJane’s you ever wanted to see, I even had the lace bib waiting to put on so baby will stay clean on top.

Baby S can stay warm tonight thinking about Mommy and her dressing alike; mother and daughter and taking some really adorable pictures.