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Yay – my baby boy JM called me today and we finally got to spend some quality time together.  We always have the best time together.  I have taught JM so much and he is so willing to learn and be a good boy 🙂   I love taking care of my sweet lil’ baby boy.

Today he wanted to wear a pretty pink bikini.  I was more than happy to dress him up and make him a pretty little sissy girl.  I had the bikini I wore when I was a toddler.  It was a triangle top that tied behind his neck and cute little bottoms with ruffles.  The bathing suit was pink and white and super girly.

I stripped him down and helped him in to my pink bikini.  He paraded around in front of the mirror and posed for me.  He really wants to look like a little girl – so I told him next time we’re going to put on some clip on earrings and paint his fingernails a glittery pink.

He misses nursing and breast feeding so before he goes night night for naptime he likes to climb up in my lap and suck on my nipples. It soothes him and makes him feel safe.  I like it too, it feels good to feel him sucking hard on my hard nipples.  He nursed while wearing that pretty little bikini.  It was like having a sweet little girl on my lap.

I can’t wait for our playdate this weekend .. we always have so much fun and I know we’ll have even more games to play 🙂

Sometimes one mommy just isn’t enough and two would be even better – don’t you think?  Especially some of you really unruly abies, you may need two mommies to keep you in line 🙂

A lot of you have already done it – but for those of you who have not, you can now talk to TWO mommies at the same time for only $1.99 minute.  That’s less than most services charge for one phone actress – we hire only REAL mommies, real grannies, real nannies, aunties, and babysitters who have REAL world experience with Adult Babies, Diaper Fetishists, Age Regression, Infantalism, Diaper wearing (for the babies we hire), and of course then women with experience in other aspects of “naughty”.

One phone number can connect you to dozens of the hottest lifestylers around – and next time try two and see what you’ve been missing.

Just let the dispatcher know what two women you’d like to speak to and you’ll be connected to them BOTH LIVE in their bedrooms.. What more could you want hehe.

Hello DM it is Nanny Ivy

You were a very naughty boy last night messing your pants and talking back.  You were not acting like a big boy at all in fact you were acting just like a baby.  When you act like a baby nanny treats you just like a baby putting you in diapers.  But when you act like a naughty baby then nanny has to show you that I am in charge and I am not afraid to punish you. 

When talking to you and even putting you in the corner did not work nanny had to paddle your bottom to let you know who is in charge and you will have to learn to be a good boy.  Nanny looks forward to our next call or lesson on behavior I feel like you have a lot of training that needs to be done in order for you to become one of Nanny Ivy’s good boys.

Wow. we have had such a busy Monday with some wonderful abies today. We truly appreciate the hours of calls that our newest naughty boy did tonight with Mommy and Nanny Ivy.  They look forward to speaking to you again DM – and check back because they are going to blog about how much they loved the calls that you did tonite.

Miss Elaine got a nice wake up call from someone needing a dominant mommy…

Paige got a call from a naughty abie who just can’t seem to get out of those diapys.

Christy got a fabulous age regression call and then an infantalism call – both of which she is truly versed.

Shay had Jenny who needed to be cleaned out.

Babysitter Candace taught a bad little boy what happens when you go in her bag and steal her panties – you get turned in to a sissy boy and a pretty little girl.

Granny Rose had a diaper loving adult baby who loved to bounce in his messy diaper and squish it all around so granny has a hard time at changing time – but she’s a great Granny and will clean him up, powder his bottom, and get you ready to go.

Mommy Tori had an obedient adult babywho loved bath time with mommy after a nice long play time and feeding time.

Mommy Felicia had a nursing abie who suckled her full breasts and fed until his belly was full and then his diaper was too!

Auntie Toni got to play with lil’ baby joey who needed some serious discipline and spanking and working on potty training – they have moved on from diapers and on to training pants, but baby Joey just loves his diapys.

This is just some of the great calls we had today and love every second of it.

Keep checking back for new mommies that are starting soon as well as our specials for loyal callers 🙂

Cleaning you out!

My dearest Jenny,

Last night babysitter Shay decided to play with her own little enema bag. I wanted to know what it feels like when I really have to go like you do so that I can describe it to you properly. I tried all four kinds: hot, warm, cold, and graduated.

Now when we do our scenes I will have express knowledge of what you are going through. Not that our stories don’t always progress along very nicely. It’s all in the interest of realism really. I have to thank you for introducing me to the concept, I had never thought of it before.

Now I think I am truly hooked on cleaning you out and following your Mommy’s instructions to the letter. I loved taking you to the doctor and making the nurse watch. The last time we played though was the best! You are such a stubborn little girly and I had to give you 2 VERY large enemas and a suppository!

I think for my next blog entry I will try to write a story because you’ve inspired me to investigate this desire.Talk to you soon!


Awww my sweet little baby patrick – thank you so much for the gifts. I got them today when I got my paycheck and what a good boy you are!  You did just what the babysitter asked you to do.

I can’t wait to go shopping and buy us those cute matching outfits.  This gift card is going to be so fun to use – because this time I know that I get to dress my sweet baby up in a matching outfit.  Then the next time you call me (for our usual Tuesday play date) it’ll be sweet to know that we are wearing the same outfit.  We’ll be girly twins.. yay 🙂

You know this absitter LOVES playing dress up and it’s going to be so fun to play with you on Tuesday.  I think I have the perfect things picked out for us – it’ll be a surprise but I will say it’s frilly, girly, and super sexy hehe.  I can’t wait!

Thanks baby boy!  You are such a good boy, I can’t wait to show you how proud I am of you.

Kisses and Hugs,
Babysitter Candace

Baby JM – I’m so sorry that I missed you this morning.  Candace had to do some work for school so she didn’t get in trouble.  I needed to get it done because I have to babysit all weekend and I don’t want any interruptions!  So where has my little boy been hiding?  I haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks and thought maybe you found another sitter..but then again I know you can’t find someone who is as much fun as Candace is hehe.
I’ll be all done with my school work by 6pm EST today because I have to be ready for my big fun babysitting weekend – I hope your mommy and daddy call me to come over, because I have a surprise for you.  I bought us cute little matching panties!  I caught you wearing girly clothes the last time I was over and you said they felt good on your pee pee, so when I see you next I have matching silk panties for us to wear.  They are very cute – pink with a little white bow, and the silk material is going to feel SO good on that little pee pee, especially as it grows big and stiff for me.
Can’t wait to play our fun games again… I’ll talk to you tonight!