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I got a call from that naughty diaper boy Leonard this morning and he had another accident in his bed..such a bad boy – that’s why mommy won’t let him wear his big boy pants any more because he always sets them.

The last time he got to wear big boy pants – he wet the entire front of them and everyone could see it. Mommy was so not happy with her baby!  That’s why she makes him wear the cloth diapers with the pins and the plastic pants over top of them. Mommy calls them plastic panties hehe

Leonard is a very naughty boy who keeps having accidents in his pants and diapers shame shame… Next time you wake up with a full diaper I may make you stay in it ALL day long as some diaper punishment for being a pissy boy!



Mommy Elaine got a little surprise from her little S this morning. He called all horny and missing me. He always just loves to be caught sifting through my dirty panties. I love it how he tells me he misses me and this is why he does this.

It is no surprised that I must do my utmost to correct him. I love to dress him and frills while letting him know of Mommy’s plans for a little Christmas Eve show with him as the star. That little pink dress is oh so short, but that bulky little ruffle back diaper sure makes S look like the little cunt craving sissy he is.

To avoid any unpleasant feelings Mommy must bring S around pretty fast. That is one the great things about calling me, you can always tell Mommy what you want. Even though I am the strictest of dommes I realize we all have our preferences. It doesn’t surprise me that S lasts only 11 min on norm, he is a diaper wearing sissy with a propensity for sniffing dirty pretties now isn’t he?

Merry Christmas to all.

Mommy Elaine

Hey there sweet little angel,
Come play with me in my nursery.  I have it all ready for you.  It’s pretty and pink and girly and frilly just like my little sissy boy.  Crawl in to the nursery and let’s play dress up.  I’ll take you out of that boring fuzzy sleeper and change your diaper – powdering your bottom before covering up that diaper with the cute little pink ruffle butt panties with the white lace trim.
Stay still while I slip this pretty pink dress over your head and make you the prettiest little princess ever.  Don’t fight mommy – or you will be in BIG TROUBLE mister.  I would hate to spank you and force you to wear this dress out in public!  I like it when you comply like a good boy, but don’t get me wrong, if mommy has to be strict and punish you – I will!
Now that you have your dress on I want to put these cute little white frilly socks on and white patent leather shoes.  Oh baby you are adorable!  Spin around for mommy.  Show mommy what a pretty little girl you are.  I love to stand in front of the mirror with you and watch you twirl around and spin your skirt up.
Mommy always wanted a little girl and now I’ve got one hehe.  Come play with mommy and let’s have some fun in this brand new nursery that I set up.  I have the crib, changing table, mobile, blankies, and diapers all ready for you.
Don’t keep mommy Jessie waiting. 
The sweet pain of humiliation for my little sissy boy

I caught you again, being the dirtiest little boy you can be.  That’s right you were in my room again.  Who gave you permission to rub Mommy’s panties into your little prick?  Well Mommy had to teach again what it means to be REALLY naughty.  Mommy had to make you put on that pretty pink dress again and that naughty little princess diaper.  I had to make you touch it in front of my friends and show them what a naughty little sissy boy you are for Mommy.  It makes Mommy’s pussy soooo wet to hear her sissy boy say her name!

You begged for it too.  You wanted to put it inside didn’t you?  Mommy had to tease you a little bit and make you want it even more.  I had to rub my nipples on your face and fondle the outside of your diaper.

When Mommy finally let you have her cunt, you squealed but Mommy again had to let everyone know that she really couldn’t feel a things.  Dum de dum…Mommy will make it faster next time, but I really enjoy you S–you’re a LOAD of sissy boy fun.


Miss Shay always follows all your Mom’s instructions so call me today and let me be the best babysitter you’ve ever had!

I always love it when Jenny’s mom calls me to babysit.  I am the best babysitter she has ever had she says.  Anyway, today was especially rough on Jenny because I caught her being bad again.  No, it was just smarting off and say “no” in her insolent way either.  It was much worse.

You see Jenny’s mom told me that sometimes Jenny likes to play with herself.  No, I am not talking about that little clitty, although playing with that clitty is certainly off limits as well.  No, Jenny is much naughtier than this.  She likes to play with her little butt hole.  She actually sticks her fingers inside.

I put Jenny bed as directed, fitting the diaper snuggly to her little body after smearing a healthy amount of Vaseline into her bottom and privates.  She remains quiet, but I know she likes this part.  After I tucked her in though I heard some noise coming from her room so, like a good babysitter would, I went to investigate.

There was that little naughty brat, ass in the air and hand down the back of her diaper.  She was pumping her little asshole.  I could tell from the way the diaper was moving as if something were alive inside.

Jenny’s Mom is very clear on what I should do.  Miss Shay cannot deviate from Mom’s directions.  I asked her what she was doing and she lied!  Another sin that Mom says must be paid for.  To add to the pending punishments Jenny sassed and back talked.  For each transgression she received an enema and a suppository.  Mom said that I had to make each one count.  So I applied each one very precisely.  Changing the diaper in between wet, stinky messes until it was time to give the suppositories.  Jenny had earned two of those!

She didn’t really want me to do it, but I lubed up my finger and slid them both into her little rectum at the same time cupping her genitals…I think this make little Jenny squirt and it was much more than pee pee! 



I love it when a new sissy baby comes to play with me!  J is just sweet little bundle of sickening sissy fun.  I absolutely love it when I can completely turn a sweet little boy into a little pussy girl.  I love it how J was such a good little girl for Mommy.  After all, bad baby boys shouldn’t be little boys at all!  Bad boys who wet the bed must be punished and their secrets exposed.
And that is exactly what Mommy gave her the other day over the phone.  Mommy forced that diaper right onto the baby girls’ bottom.  It was all printed with pink princesses and the whims of a little girls dreams.  His face flushed with embarrassment as he took his medicine.  That little pink dress looks sooo sweet on my baby J even if it is a little too small.  Mommy made you stand out on the porch all by yourself.  She wanted your friends to see just how naughty of a little baby you are!
I’m the Mommy that sissies love because I can be strict and stern yet oh so deviously sweet.  There are no limits with Mommy Annabelle.  Sissy baby’s are my love and my life so call me and let’s have some real girly fun today my sweet little angels!  

We’re off to see the wizard!

Someone has been a VERY naughty boy.  Yes, SH I caught you red handed in my clothes hamper.  You were standing over a pile of my dirty panties and playing with yourself!  What a twisted little boy you’ve become!  You just can’t stop touching that teeny, tiny little prick can you?

Didn’t Mommy warn what would happen if you kept playing with yourself?  Didn’t I tell you that obsessing over dirty underwear would make you wet your bed!  How dare you leave messes for Mommy to clean up!  Well I am going to have to teach you a lesson, baby boy.  This is going to hurt you a lot more than it is going to hurt me.

You will put on that short pink dress that is 2 sizes to small.  Mommy is going to powder you and diaper you and take you to the sex toy party were all my friends will see what a horribly horny little girly whore you are!  I will watch with delight as the room reacts with laughter as you sit on the floor, your little legs spread and you hand in that naughty little diaper!

You want to fuck Mommy’s cunt but Mommy can’t feel a thing!  Not even when Mommy gets on top and rubs on it with her slick pussy.  There’s not enough for Mommy so she has to fuck the toys!

What a dirty little girly slut you are SH!  Can’t wait to play again!

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