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When your beloved Mommy passes on, it’s great to have a NEW MOM around sometimes! Today I spent quality time with my new sonny boy, Justin.

He went from a little tee-tee in the bed – to being mounted and FUCKED by Mom. I was pleasuring myself as he told me about his Auntie walking  in on a diapering session. Please call your NANA
back real soon, Baby Boy!!

Bobby’s Mommy

I just have to say I love being Bobby’s Mommy. Sweet little Bobby always wakes Mommy up when he’s wearing a wet diaper. Even though Mommy is still very sleepy, she has to get up to take care of her very dirty little baby boy so he doesn’t develop a nasty diaper rash. Mommy is sooo loving and coo’s at her baby while she changes his diaper. Then it’s time for breakfast.

This time Grandma came over and wanted to feed Baby Bobby too. Grandma’s titties are much bigger than Mommy’s and they are still full of milk. After we feed Bobby his cereal in his high chair we go to the bedroom so Bobby can get a tummy full of Mommy’s and Grandma’s milk.

I like to watch little Bobby suck at grandma’s titty. He does such a good job and his little cock get sooo hard. This time, grandma spread her legs and let Bobby fuck Grandma’s hot tight pussy. He fucked it sooo good that he squirted deep inside. Grandma and Mommy want to make sure Bobby’s cock grows and so we always let him fuck after he nurses!

Thanks for the wonderful calls this week Bobby! Enjoy your new life with your vet lady!

Mommy Christy

February is the month for love and kisses and that’s just what all of us sweet and naughty mommies, aunties, grannies, and babysitters want to do to you precious little ones – ALL month long 🙂

When you order your call – Mention the February Special and you can choose from

1. Do 20 minutes and get 5 minutes FREE

2. FREE Panties with any call 20 minutes or longer

* Limit one discount per call – per day.

Cum play with us and take advantage of these specials for naughty boys only 🙂  ok.. it’s valid for good boys and girls too hehe

Sometimes one mommy just isn’t enough and two would be even better – don’t you think?  Especially some of you really unruly abies, you may need two mommies to keep you in line 🙂

A lot of you have already done it – but for those of you who have not, you can now talk to TWO mommies at the same time for only $1.99 minute.  That’s less than most services charge for one phone actress – we hire only REAL mommies, real grannies, real nannies, aunties, and babysitters who have REAL world experience with Adult Babies, Diaper Fetishists, Age Regression, Infantalism, Diaper wearing (for the babies we hire), and of course then women with experience in other aspects of “naughty”.

One phone number can connect you to dozens of the hottest lifestylers around – and next time try two and see what you’ve been missing.

Just let the dispatcher know what two women you’d like to speak to and you’ll be connected to them BOTH LIVE in their bedrooms.. What more could you want hehe.

What a dirty little girl toy!

One thing is very clear with Mommy Rebecca, I love my boys dirty and I love them to be the best sissy little sluts they can be. I love diaper play most of all. I will talk about every kind of diaper knowns to man, woman and of course itsy bitsy little baby.

Ginny is a good little sissy slut for Rebecca. She loves it when Mommy uses her big, hard, swollen milk infused nipple to make her go pee pee in her little pamper. It is sooo much fun when Grandma and sister watch. Grandma and sister see how little our pee wee is and they giggle with glee as baby Ginny crawls on the floor to fetch Mommy a clean diaper.

When Mommy leans over to change Ginny’s diaper, it is clear that Mommy is on her period. After Mommy changes Ginny, the little slut must make Mommy ready for a messy time with all the neighbors. It’s Ginny’s responsibility to remove the tampon and fluff the cock for Mommy. She looks so sweet in her little pink dress as she sucks that big 9″ cock into her little baby mouth.

What a dirty little girl toy.

Call me…I’m always up for a most dirty time.


Ohhh my sweet little baby Billy called Granny Linda today.  I love spending time with my sweet little baby.  Baby Billy gets lots of love and hugs and kisses when he spends time with Granny.  He’s growing up so fast and Granny doesn’t like that.  I want to keep my sweet angel young. I love having a baby around.
As soon as mommy leaves him here – it’s time for Granny to put you back in to baby mode.  I take those big boy underwear off and put these cloth diapys back on.  Granny loves the old cloth diapers with the big silver pins to hold them up.  They look so cute the way they sag on your bottom.  I know you hate the rubber pants, but I don’t want you to make a mess on Granny’s new carpet so you have to be a good boy and wear them.  If you put them on without a fuss, granny has a treat for you.
Granny bought you your favorite applesauce – so come sit down with Granny and let me spoon feed you this sweet treat.  You are such a sweet precious baby and Granny loves you very much.  I love how you eat every last drop like a good boy and then I notice you wander off and I know it’s poopie time.  Don’t you worry thought – Granny will take care of you.
When you are done it’s time for granny to change you – I’ll put lots of powder on your bottom after I clean you up, and if your bottom is looking red then I better lather you up with some Desitin.  Once you are all clean maybe Granny will hold you close to my chest and rock you to sleep.
I love age regression, infantalism, diaper lovers, diaper changing, feeding time, ABDL, GILF, and incest roleplays, and loving and nurturing my naughty baby boy.  Call me again soon and we’ll have more fun.
Kiss Kiss!!

Order a call – do 20 minutes or more and mention the “panty special” to the dispatcher and you will get FREE panties from the mommy, auntie, granny, absitter, or nanny that you talk to.

We love naughty panty boys and sissy boys who want to wear, sniff, or jack off with our panties – so come and get them!

You’ll get panties and a hand written note from the woman you speak to absolutely FREE with your paid 20 minute or longer call.

You can also buy panties for $15.00 each – just tell the dispatcher.

Call 1 877 856 WILD and order your call – mention “panty special” and you’ll be enjoying a handwritten note from mommy and her panties in a few days!