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Caught Sucking His Thumb, so I gave him a special massage

OHHHH, I just loved catching you with your thumb in your mouth! I know you didn’t expect me to enter your room when I did, but I was thrilled to see you giving in to your infantile urges. You didn’t need that porn either! I made you turn it off in exchange for the promise of a very sensual massage using my very special lotion.

You couldn’t believe the service you were receiving. Here you had had a very hard flight and needed something to work the tension out of your body. I started to rub my concoction into your bare skin. Immediately you felt the tingling properties in the special mixture. You started to feel warm and tingly all over. I got excited knowing what was coming next! I sat back and waited for the lotion to take effect.

You started to shrink. Your legs shortened and you became all pudgy. Within about 15 min you were the size of a 6 month old baby. You looked so cute and you needed a diaper. You were not on board with this at first, but I told you the effects of the lotion were irreversible. It was futile to resist the diaper, lest you wet all over your cutesie little bottom.

Oh, I had so much fun being your mommy. Diapering you was so much fun. Seeing your little pee get so hard when Mommy rubbed the lotion all over you little bun bun! OMG, so cute. I think I might just keep you myself instead of selling you to one of the many couples I help.

I even made you feel better by showing you can still make cummies like a big boy. I loved rubbing you in your wet diaper into you filled it with both wetsy and cummies for Mommy!

Thanks B—had a great time as always.


I take special care undressing before you, removing each article of my clothing beginning with my blouse, then bra before slipping out of skirt and panties. I know this isn’t the aphrodisiac you desire, Tommy. I have your eyes as I fasten my diaper about my body carefully, as I watch your diaper swell in anticipation.

I feel the soft cotton against my womanhood and I feel younger, infantile, simple and clean as the cloth rubs against my body. While I feel younger, my womanhood still desires you, wants to feel you pressed against my body. I crawl towards you, my body aching for you to feel your diaper, feel your body and consume you.

I rub my face against the cloth of your diaper and I feel a warm, tingling feeling as I moisten in anticipation. I mount you, feeling your manhood through your diaper touch me through mine, rubbing our bodies together with increased alacrity and fervor. The diapers fall to the side from the act, our bodies finding one another with the smell of our diapers in the room then mixed with our cum as we reach our orgasmic bliss.

Love ya’ Tommy,


You look so pretty with that dick in your cock sucker.  You are so pretty in your pink schoolgirl uniform and you bulky little diaper underneath.  You love to admit your dirty little ways.  Your half attempt at being female only calls attention to the qualities you lack.  That’s why I’m your favorite babysitter.  I remind you deliciously about all those sissy bitch shortcomings.  You truly need me to watch over you or you might hurt yourself *giggles.You’re a fag baby bitch and your treasure hunt in your diaper has left you empty handed. Miss Shelly is gonna have to make you do something to remind you that you do have something under that diaper.  I guess you’ll just have to wet that baby diaper and take a nice big poopie in front of your favorite babysitter.

So Miss Shelly made you suck on that fleshy fake dick while you filled that diaper.  You had to sit in your own mess because that is what you do best.  The next time you call we’re going to have to use the paddle on your tender bare bottom if you ever try to step a toe out of line again!

Miss Shelly 

I am never surprised when Julie calls that she has reduced herself again to little baby status. Always stinky from pooping those big girl pants, little Julie tries to please her Mommy but ALWAYS fails.  So Mommy must set out to teach the baby girl a horrendous lesson for stinking
up the house and making a mess of those brand new, white granny panties.

Julie has to get on all fours just like a baby does.  Crawling around she isn’t allowed to talk like a big girl–OH NO.  She has to crawl and “goo” and “ga” just like the freaky little baby she is.  And that is by far not all!

In addition she will launder those panties in the potty and leave them in there as a reminder of the fact that she isn’t ready to be a big girl.  She will swirl them around as Mommy Ivy catches her playing in her mess.  Just like babies do.

Then Mommy’s favorite punishment is ready after baby is all clean.  That big dildo go in that girl hole so nicely.  If you want to be a big girl, Mommy must train you Julie.  You know that this is your lesson to be learned every time you spend time with Mommy Ivy.


What a dirty little D!  Mommy Annabelle just loves it when her diaper loving boys call already dirty and ready to play.  D just loves to be so messy, playing with his already erect pee pee under that soaking wet, stinky diaper.

I think my favorite part of this job is just seeing how dirty my boys love to get.  I love sissies too, not just diaper lovers.  Although, I will say, that D has made me feel like pulling the Bambinos out of the closet for an afternoon of diaper loving fun. 

I am not ashamed to put one on and play right along with a guy like D.

Too bad we can make plans for the future.  I know when D called yesterday I had just finished emptying out.  Who knows, maybe next time he will call and we will get lucky!


I just love to surprise my D.  I made all of the most perfect preparations. I went shopping at all the upscale stores.  I found the most perfect little blue onesie, one with a choo and choo and the alphabet across the chest.

I found the most deliciously soft and scrumptious little diapers for my baby D. I couldn’t wait to surprise him with the new stroller either! 

So when he came in I was waiting for him dressed in my perfectly pink, low-cut house dress.  He was so happy to see me that when we kissed our way into the bedroom and he saw the surprise I had in store he could do little but question me.  So I told him I wanted to dress him up, put him in the stroller and take him to the high school football game.

Ohhh, he looked so cute in the stroller, all blue and baby-like.  He would whine  a little but Mommy’s special stroller kept him all safe.  No getting out without Mommy’s permission!  Ohh, the dirty things I did to my baby D in front of the throngs of fans. 

The diaper change showing his little poopies, the big pacifier butt plug and the face full of milk made my baby D all dirty for me…and his cummie was hot!

Talk to you soon honey!

This is Aunt Tori, you know me, I’m your favorite Aunt. I would say your name but I forgot it because I was too busy laughing at your pathetic 2 inch sissy wee wee. It’s okay though because I just love little sissies! I was so proud to hear that you didn’t wet or mess in your diaper all day! That’s such a big girl, great job! You did so good that you did deserve to play with your little sissy thingy. Auntie Tori really enjoyed hearing you be a naughty little sissy boy. Hope you don’t soil that clean diaper! Sweet dreams Sissy.