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Mommy Jessie had a soaking baby WR to babysit and he liked Mommy’s white thigh high stockings and her white polka dot thong panties so much he soaked his already wet diapie all over again and made too big a mess…it’s ok because Mommy has a large store of clean soft and warm cloth diapies all ready to put on.

Mommy was planning on dressing baby up in a white lace dress with a beautiful white lace dress with a white satin underslip and cute little ruffled panties and white lace tights with the cutest patent leather MaryJane’s you ever wanted to see, I even had the lace bib waiting to put on so baby will stay clean on top.

Baby S can stay warm tonight thinking about Mommy and her dressing alike; mother and daughter and taking some really adorable pictures.

A note to my soldier boy:

I did not send my panties as you requested, but they are here waiting for you to embed your nose and your cock in them! I have a lot of pent up energy that I am saving especially for you my dear soldier boy. Next time we play I want you to be dressed from head to toe in the pinkest attire you can find.

I want to run my hands all over your body while reminding you that in our forum you are the subservient one. I am the one in control of all your basic sexual functions and it thrills me to take you to the edge and back again. I love making you my little boy, the one who can’t stay out of Mommy’s closet or hamper as the mood dictates.

You’re a dirty boy and you’ve fast become my favorite toy! I hope you had a terrific weekend. Know that I am thinking of you and I cannot wait until we play again. Sweetness from me to you!

Mommy Logan

Mommy Elaine got a little surprise from her little S this morning. He called all horny and missing me. He always just loves to be caught sifting through my dirty panties. I love it how he tells me he misses me and this is why he does this.

It is no surprised that I must do my utmost to correct him. I love to dress him and frills while letting him know of Mommy’s plans for a little Christmas Eve show with him as the star. That little pink dress is oh so short, but that bulky little ruffle back diaper sure makes S look like the little cunt craving sissy he is.

To avoid any unpleasant feelings Mommy must bring S around pretty fast. That is one the great things about calling me, you can always tell Mommy what you want. Even though I am the strictest of dommes I realize we all have our preferences. It doesn’t surprise me that S lasts only 11 min on norm, he is a diaper wearing sissy with a propensity for sniffing dirty pretties now isn’t he?

Merry Christmas to all.

Mommy Elaine

Awww my sweet little baby patrick – thank you so much for the gifts. I got them today when I got my paycheck and what a good boy you are!  You did just what the babysitter asked you to do.

I can’t wait to go shopping and buy us those cute matching outfits.  This gift card is going to be so fun to use – because this time I know that I get to dress my sweet baby up in a matching outfit.  Then the next time you call me (for our usual Tuesday play date) it’ll be sweet to know that we are wearing the same outfit.  We’ll be girly twins.. yay 🙂

You know this absitter LOVES playing dress up and it’s going to be so fun to play with you on Tuesday.  I think I have the perfect things picked out for us – it’ll be a surprise but I will say it’s frilly, girly, and super sexy hehe.  I can’t wait!

Thanks baby boy!  You are such a good boy, I can’t wait to show you how proud I am of you.

Kisses and Hugs,
Babysitter Candace

I can’t wait til baby BW gets mommy’s panties.  I mailed them with a very special note.  You will get to smell how sweet mommy smells and taste how delicious mommy tastes.

I sent you the cutest little pair of cotton panties that I had when you called.  White w/ polka dots in pastel colors.. cute and girly just the way mommy likes it.

Don’t forget that if you mention that you want the panty special to the dispatcher, you can get ANY mommy, auntie, granny, or babysitters’ panties for FREE if you do 20 minutes or more.  You get a personal piece of her and a handwritten note just for being a good boy 🙂

Now where are all of you panty  boys – Mommy has TONS of panties to send out to good boys.


Baby JM – I’m so sorry that I missed you this morning.  Candace had to do some work for school so she didn’t get in trouble.  I needed to get it done because I have to babysit all weekend and I don’t want any interruptions!  So where has my little boy been hiding?  I haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks and thought maybe you found another sitter..but then again I know you can’t find someone who is as much fun as Candace is hehe.
I’ll be all done with my school work by 6pm EST today because I have to be ready for my big fun babysitting weekend – I hope your mommy and daddy call me to come over, because I have a surprise for you.  I bought us cute little matching panties!  I caught you wearing girly clothes the last time I was over and you said they felt good on your pee pee, so when I see you next I have matching silk panties for us to wear.  They are very cute – pink with a little white bow, and the silk material is going to feel SO good on that little pee pee, especially as it grows big and stiff for me.
Can’t wait to play our fun games again… I’ll talk to you tonight!

My hard soldier experienced the softer side of me

First off, a man of honesty no matter what the truth may be is an incredible turn on to me. Sometimes when we call a service like this it is easy to lie and make up whatever might sound good and while this works for so many it also has its limitations. I thoroughly enjoy giving pleasure in an unobstructed way, thanks RD.

RD is my soldier boy. He called me last night so early in the morning to let me know he missed me. Of course, I missed him too but I was feeling a bit soft I admit. The sound of his voice coupled with the knowledge that he was holding my secretion infused panties made me want to be so loving and less harsh.

So I squeezed in from behind. In our sleepy dance I let my fingers glide down his body until I discovered that my gift was wrapped in panties. My manly, man of the field loves to taste the feminine side of the game. Teasing him intensely and I let him know I was aroused by pushing into his back. I sucked his hard cock last night, a rare treat but one I was plainly glad to give to my wearied soldier. My soldier is so versatile that any play is ok whenever the mood strikes. I am always happy to oblige!

Thanks for the call last night. You’re special too. Don’t forget it!