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Sometimes one mommy just isn’t enough and two would be even better – don’t you think?  Especially some of you really unruly abies, you may need two mommies to keep you in line 🙂

A lot of you have already done it – but for those of you who have not, you can now talk to TWO mommies at the same time for only $1.99 minute.  That’s less than most services charge for one phone actress – we hire only REAL mommies, real grannies, real nannies, aunties, and babysitters who have REAL world experience with Adult Babies, Diaper Fetishists, Age Regression, Infantalism, Diaper wearing (for the babies we hire), and of course then women with experience in other aspects of “naughty”.

One phone number can connect you to dozens of the hottest lifestylers around – and next time try two and see what you’ve been missing.

Just let the dispatcher know what two women you’d like to speak to and you’ll be connected to them BOTH LIVE in their bedrooms.. What more could you want hehe.

When I was at the tender young age of 5 – I discovered how good diapys felt against my sweet little pee pee when I would still my baby sister’s diapers. I would sit in my room for hours rubbing the diapers into my little girl privates while sucking my thumb.
I’m a bit older now, but I’m still a very wee little baby inside. I just wuv to play horsey with Daddy while he talks baby talk to me. I love it when Daddy tells me that I am his sweet special girl and how it is always going to be ok for me to potty in my diapys instead of the big girl potty. Daddy always loves to pat my padded diaper bottom. This makes me ohhhhhh so happy.

I can be a bit spoiled sometimes too. It’s ok, you do what you must to keep me in line! I know that sometimes I deserve a swift, hard spanking sometimes. I know I can be a bit whiney but please don’t make me go to bed without my
ba ba!

Call me Daddy for a truly submissive AB experience you’ll never forget . I also love to play with the other mommies and absitters on the site. We can all have fun together hehe.  Call me and let’s be diaper buddies!

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Julia – trophy wife w/ no children of her own who have taken her step sons under her “wing” and loves to baby them and treat them like her very own little boys.  She loves every thing from bath time, feeding time, diapering, and playtime.  A very busty brunette who wants to nurse her baby boy to a full tummy and then change his diapy and dress him.

Natasha – A strict and demanding leather and latex loving mommy. A strict disciplinarian who enjoys punishment, spanking, deprivation, playing dress up, and demanding obedience from her babies.

Hailey – a real life diaper wearing teen who loves daddy to help her change her diapers and play with her all the time. 

Tori – a busty redhead who loves playing dress up – she loves stockings and heels and dressing her little boys up like pretty little girls.

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We are different than most sisters that you will ever meet.  We love to play together, and we own a business together, and do phone sex together.  We are truly unique.  When we were 9 years old we started a babysitting service and watched all of the kids in the neighborhood.  As we got older and started dating, Holly had a boyfriend who she caught wearing diapers one day.  She was so curious about it.  He sat her down and shared his fetish with her and she was hooked from day one!

She told her sister about it and they used to be play with baby Jake (Holly’s boyfriend).  They would treat him like all of the toddlers that they had babysat for in the  past – giving him bottles, pacifiers, playing games with him, and of course lots and lots of diaper play.  They experimented with all different types of diapers until he found Bambinos and loved them.

They had a brilliant idea to open an adult babysitting service to cater to all of the adult babies there are and they love every minute of it.

These sisters specialize in adult babies, infantalism, age regression, diaper lovers, diaper punishment, potty training, incest fantasy, babysitter fantasy, threesomes, feeding, family fun, and when they are feeling really naughty they love to dress up their abies like pretty little girls.  They like to pretend they have a baby sister to play with and love frilly dresses, pageant socks, lacey dresses, bloomers, and tights. 

Are you baby enough to handle 2 sisters at once?  Call us and let’s have some fun baby boy.

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