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Baby Joshie called me today and we had so much fun. He’s an adult baby, but he’s so much fun to watch. His wife never leaves him alone, she knows better!  He can be a very disobedient and unruly little boy and he needs constant attention, or who knows what kind of trouble he can get in to.

This diaper loving lil abie loves his diapys. He loves the way it feels when he goes pee pee and it covers his little weewee and his balls. He loves to sit in his wet diapy feeling the warmth.  Sometimes we just have to get him out of those diapys and in to a fresh one or else he’d sit in his mess all day long.  Once he wets himself, babysitter Candace says those magic words – “feet in the air” and baby Joshie knows to lay down and put his feet in the air and lift his bottom so that I can change him.

Josh is such a little pain though, as soon as I got him in to a fresh diapy, I noticed him over by the couch grunting.  What are you doing Joshie?   His face was getting redder and he grunted and groaned and I knew he was making a messy diaper for me to have to clean up.  When he was done, I told him “feet in the air” again and had to clean baby Joshie up.  I had to clean his bottom, powder him, and put on a clean diaper.

Joshie was so giddy and giggly tonight. He was shy as he admitted that he loves babysitter Candace and spending time with me.  We spent the rest of the evening playing puzzles, coloring in the coloring book,  and drinking juice.  He’s trying to be a big boy and not take his ba-bas any more so he got to use his Spiderman sippy cup.  He guzzled his juice down and asked for more. I told him he could have one more sippy cup and then he had to go night night.

I turned away to get him some more apple juice, and when I turned around – he had drawn all over the white wall in blue crayon!  JOSHIE.. what did you do!!???  Mommy told me that if you were bad I could spank you, I explained.  He knows better.  I sat down on the couch and told him to come over here – he was getting a spanking.  I undid his diaper and exposed his bare bottom.

Joshie bent over my knees with his butt in the air and I proceeded to spank his bare bottom for being a bad boy and writing on the wall. I was very disappointed in what a bad boy he was.  I alternated his cheeks, making them each sting equally and making them bright red.  Joshie had to be punished for being bad and making a mess.

After his spanking he had to sit on his sore bottom in a chair in timeout while I scrubbed the wall clean before mommy got home.  I love playing with baby Joshie, but he’s going to have to learn to be a good boy, or there will be more punishments in store for his naughty behind.

Kiss Kiss,


Baby Julie, you need to keep your hands where Mommy Sydney can see them! I think you are being a bad girl when I see your hands in your diaper. I think You need to be reminded not to do that and be a good girl. I give you a good spanking, but I don’t think you understand yet.

Baby Julie, I need to spank your bare bottom to teach you a lesson, but I will give you a nice diaper change afterwards. I get you all comfy in your diaper and make sure it fits perfectly. I feel you make a mess, Mommy Sydney doesn’t mind changing you again.


Mommy Sydney loves her Baby Julie. Are my clothes pretty? I know you like it when I wear my white Teddy that shows my full and aching breastys. Holding you in my arms, I feed you, letting you have your fill from me. You are such a good baby, Baby Julie. Loved our call, hope to hear from you soon!





Mommy Sydney 



Ivy is a very perverted babysitter!

I love babysitting in the neighborhood, especially the special boys in the neighborhood. DFW is one of those special boys, the type of boy who doesn’t like what everybody else his age likes. I think DW needed to learn some things so I made sure he was in a diaper first.

I took some of my maxipads out and fashioned a perfect diaper for DW, I made sure it was tight and comfy and let him be my good baby boy. I want you to learn about sex, DW. I want you to know it is not just for grown ups, DW can enjoy sex too. If you don’t let me teach you DW, I will tell all my pretty friends that you like wearing my special diapers.

I want you to first feel arousal as I dance for you, your private dancer, letting you see my breasts. I rub them against you, allowing you to swell inside your diaper. DW, is your cock beginning to hurt? I know a way to fix that…I get on my knees and put some baby oil into my asshole. Slip your small little pee pee into my ass.

Run your pee pee against me, the sensation is growing inside you and I know you are about to feel a lot better. I feel your baby boy cum cover my ass. And I want to show you, DW, how good it feels. I take the right size toy and insert it with plenty of pil. I won’t stop, DW, until you cum again. I told you sex wasn’t just for grown ups, didn’t I?

DW, I love it when you call,




Naughty Neighbor Rebecca makes him reveal his sissy secrets and shows him off!

Cindy this is for you! “Jack and Jill went up the Hill”- But you fell down that hill didn’t you, KW? You look like that hurt and just a tad embarrassed by your tumble. You seem a b it awkward, I wonder if you are hurt, but your pants seem a bit larger than they should. I really need to make sure you are ok. I adjust your pants, your face is getting red, though I am just trying to help, KW

You aren’t wearing underwear, are you KW? I think you are wearing a diaper. What will I find when I pull your pants back and check? I was right, you ARE wearing a diaper and I think you have more to show Auntie Rebecca. Show me all your sissy things; show me what you are hiding and where you hide them.

KW, I am going to get you into a nice short dress…so short everyone will see your diaper. I want to get you all dolled up KW. I want you in those cute, tight stockings and adorable shoes. Let me make sure you are all set before my final crown for you. I rub your diaper and make sure it is snug. You like that, don’t you? You like your diaper rubbed, I can tell, but I have more to do first, KW. Let me get you set up in your Shirley Temple wig. It’s time to take my sissy boy out to see my Doctor friend.

KW, this embarrassment excites you, doesn’t it? The knowledge that everyone will know your secret is almost as exciting as me rubbing your diaper. I show you off like a good sissy boy that you are. I rub you good since you have been such a good Sissy for Auntie Rebecca. I feel your body jerk, I know you made a mess for Auntie, didn’t you? Let me change you and get you allll clean before we go see my friend. If you are good inthere, maybe I will help my sissy KW make another mess…I know how much you would like that….



Baby B, I love giving you special egg nog. I made is special just for my Baby B, I added my own spiced rum to it to make sure I have you just the way I like you. I love hearing your words become more child like, more innocent and your mind matching so I have to lead you through what Mommy wants. Look at mommy as the rum takes you back down amnesia lane to a better, more pure, more loving time. I love dressing up for Baby B!

My Christmas dress is so short you can almost see if I am wearing any panties or not, but you like my candy canes stockings more, don’t you? Do you want to lick a candy cane Baby B? Look at Mommy’s boobies, I have them pressed high for Baby B to look at. Let Mommy get you diapered for our party, I want to make sure everything is perfect for you. I powder all your special parts and put your diapr on before getting you dressed.

Once we arrive at the party, everyone notices your diaper. To make a good diaper, sometimes it has to peek out, Baby B. Don’t worry, the other women love it and they envy me. They wish they had a man that needs them like you need Mommy. Do you need to get some of your embarrassment out? Come climb into Mommy’s lap, motor boat with your lips on my boobies. I love feeling your lips across them!

Baby B feels like he is still a big boy in his diaper, I feel your pup tent in your Huggies. Baby B can’t lose his temper, you can’t have everything you want when you want it, wait for Mommy to take care of you. Once the party is finished, our party will begin, but Baby B needs to wait for Mommy. I love having my Baby B at a Christmas party, you make everything better.

You like the fuzzy trim on my outfit, let me take you to the bathroom so I can check your diaper. Pull my fuzzy bottom to the side, kiss Mommy and make yourself happy, but to play with the rest, Baby B will have to wait until we’re home…call me Baby B to take me home so we can have our real party, Mommy needs her Baby B.

Mommy Logan

Tommy, you are such a dirty little Boy! Your sheets smell like bad PP. You said you wouldn’t make PP on your special superhero underwear, but you did! You said you wouldn’t make PP on the special Superman sheets, but there is PP on your sheets too! Mommy is very disappointed Tommy, you aren’t being a big boy.

You have to wear diapers now Tommy. I won’t let you have a good diaper, because you aren’t a good boy. I take out Mommy’s special pads, her maxi pads and I tape them together to make a diaper for you and put it on with gray tape. You won’t be able to take it off.

If you go PP in it Tommy, I will make you sit on the big boy potty until you go PP. I see you trying to talke off that diaper. Mommy made that just for you, keep it on. Do you need to go PP? Hold it until Mommy says you can go.

If you can’t hold it, you will keep wetting your bed. Now I will take off your diaper so you can go Potty. If you Potty good, I will reward you the way only Mommy can, but if you don’t…

Tommy, call Mommy, tell me if you went potty like a big boy and need to be rewarded or if you didn’t and I need to keep forcing you to stop making PP in your bed.


Mommy is very disappointed in some of her abies for not calling and taking advantage of such a special.  Mommy has been filling her nursery with lots of fun toys and goodies for good little boys and girls this holiday season.

Now go get dressed – or diapered hehe and call mommy now at 1-877-856-WILD and mention “mistletoe” and mommy and baby can enjoy 30 minutes of play time for only $30!!

Be a good little one and hurry up.. Mommy doesn’t like having to wait.

Mwah.. Mommy will be here and ready 🙂