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Baby Joshie called me today and we had so much fun. He’s an adult baby, but he’s so much fun to watch. His wife never leaves him alone, she knows better!  He can be a very disobedient and unruly little boy and he needs constant attention, or who knows what kind of trouble he can get in to.

This diaper loving lil abie loves his diapys. He loves the way it feels when he goes pee pee and it covers his little weewee and his balls. He loves to sit in his wet diapy feeling the warmth.  Sometimes we just have to get him out of those diapys and in to a fresh one or else he’d sit in his mess all day long.  Once he wets himself, babysitter Candace says those magic words – “feet in the air” and baby Joshie knows to lay down and put his feet in the air and lift his bottom so that I can change him.

Josh is such a little pain though, as soon as I got him in to a fresh diapy, I noticed him over by the couch grunting.  What are you doing Joshie?   His face was getting redder and he grunted and groaned and I knew he was making a messy diaper for me to have to clean up.  When he was done, I told him “feet in the air” again and had to clean baby Joshie up.  I had to clean his bottom, powder him, and put on a clean diaper.

Joshie was so giddy and giggly tonight. He was shy as he admitted that he loves babysitter Candace and spending time with me.  We spent the rest of the evening playing puzzles, coloring in the coloring book,  and drinking juice.  He’s trying to be a big boy and not take his ba-bas any more so he got to use his Spiderman sippy cup.  He guzzled his juice down and asked for more. I told him he could have one more sippy cup and then he had to go night night.

I turned away to get him some more apple juice, and when I turned around – he had drawn all over the white wall in blue crayon!  JOSHIE.. what did you do!!???  Mommy told me that if you were bad I could spank you, I explained.  He knows better.  I sat down on the couch and told him to come over here – he was getting a spanking.  I undid his diaper and exposed his bare bottom.

Joshie bent over my knees with his butt in the air and I proceeded to spank his bare bottom for being a bad boy and writing on the wall. I was very disappointed in what a bad boy he was.  I alternated his cheeks, making them each sting equally and making them bright red.  Joshie had to be punished for being bad and making a mess.

After his spanking he had to sit on his sore bottom in a chair in timeout while I scrubbed the wall clean before mommy got home.  I love playing with baby Joshie, but he’s going to have to learn to be a good boy, or there will be more punishments in store for his naughty behind.

Kiss Kiss,


Baby Julie, you need to keep your hands where Mommy Sydney can see them! I think you are being a bad girl when I see your hands in your diaper. I think You need to be reminded not to do that and be a good girl. I give you a good spanking, but I don’t think you understand yet.

Baby Julie, I need to spank your bare bottom to teach you a lesson, but I will give you a nice diaper change afterwards. I get you all comfy in your diaper and make sure it fits perfectly. I feel you make a mess, Mommy Sydney doesn’t mind changing you again.


Mommy Sydney loves her Baby Julie. Are my clothes pretty? I know you like it when I wear my white Teddy that shows my full and aching breastys. Holding you in my arms, I feed you, letting you have your fill from me. You are such a good baby, Baby Julie. Loved our call, hope to hear from you soon!





Mommy Sydney 



Imagine the filth that your feel in your crotch, the literal ache of the humiliation as you were caught in my room—wearing my brand new pink lingerie. You just couldn’t help yourself. The clitty-boy in you took over, and before you knew it you were wrapped up in my precious trappings! How does it feel to know you’ve been caught.

First of all, you will wipe the smile off your face. Look down at yourself, Teri! You’re little clitty is a wee bit small for a dick, but much too big for a clit. You’ll need to tuck that if that outfit is to look proper on you!

Now that it is tucked, to the point where it’s nice and feminine looking you’ll bend over my knee and poke your tight little ass up in the position of discipline. Of course instead of spanking, I’m going to explore your little pussy. You feel so good when you squirt down your big sister’s leg!

What a naughty girl this Teri. How naughty are you! Call me and I will certainly humiliate the cum straight from you tiny little pecker.



You look so pretty with that dick in your cock sucker.  You are so pretty in your pink schoolgirl uniform and you bulky little diaper underneath.  You love to admit your dirty little ways.  Your half attempt at being female only calls attention to the qualities you lack.  That’s why I’m your favorite babysitter.  I remind you deliciously about all those sissy bitch shortcomings.  You truly need me to watch over you or you might hurt yourself *giggles.You’re a fag baby bitch and your treasure hunt in your diaper has left you empty handed. Miss Shelly is gonna have to make you do something to remind you that you do have something under that diaper.  I guess you’ll just have to wet that baby diaper and take a nice big poopie in front of your favorite babysitter.

So Miss Shelly made you suck on that fleshy fake dick while you filled that diaper.  You had to sit in your own mess because that is what you do best.  The next time you call we’re going to have to use the paddle on your tender bare bottom if you ever try to step a toe out of line again!

Miss Shelly 

Naughty little girls disappear for awhile, but they always come back.  The inviting atmosphere in my nursery is too much to resist for most.  I must admit, I had missed my little baby Julie quite a bit.  I was surprised that she thought I didn’t remember her!

So of course I had to tease her with my favorite lingerie.  I love to change my lingerie in front of her.  I must spare the vivid details of this delightful activity because my baby Julie will see this and rub her clitty.  She always does this and sometimes I have to spank her for it.

Going number two in her big girl panties, however, made me realize that my Julie is really a baby.  She isn’t ready for the responsibility of toilet training so we are going back to diapers.  She loves the glide of Mommy’s hand…can’t wait to play again baby Julie!


It was a warm, sunny mother’s day, but my day didn’t go so well. Why? Well because JM decided to call me and tell me that he had crapped in his big boy pants again. Some mother’s day present that is!

Well Mommy Ivy won’t stand for such insults. That’s right. I made this worthless little poopy butt sit on a towel and smash his own mess into his pitiful little behind. He was crying and whining, but I didn’t stop. I also whipped out the hairbrush and let him have it right across those dirty little bottom cheeks.

He will never amount to anything because he is such a disgusting little poopy boy. He shit on my mother’s day and really paid for it. I loved making him wash his big boy pants out in the toilet and making him smell his own nasty mess as well. There is one thing for certain. When I sprinkled the powder all over his wee wee he certainly made big cummies for Mommy Ivy!

Talk to you again soon!


Hello DM it is Nanny Ivy

You were a very naughty boy last night messing your pants and talking back.  You were not acting like a big boy at all in fact you were acting just like a baby.  When you act like a baby nanny treats you just like a baby putting you in diapers.  But when you act like a naughty baby then nanny has to show you that I am in charge and I am not afraid to punish you. 

When talking to you and even putting you in the corner did not work nanny had to paddle your bottom to let you know who is in charge and you will have to learn to be a good boy.  Nanny looks forward to our next call or lesson on behavior I feel like you have a lot of training that needs to be done in order for you to become one of Nanny Ivy’s good boys.