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Dear Baby Julie,

Mommy absolutely adores you writing to me here! You’re such a sweet little baby girl. I am so glad we met and that you love me back as much as I love you. I hope that you and I can continue to learn and grow as a wonderful Mommy and her baby should.

I do love to be so loving, but I can be strict when I have to you know! My little babies should always follow my rules. That means no sifting through Mommy’s lingerie stash because nothing in there will fit your little bodies anyway! That also means you can’t touch your clitty until Mommy is ready for the cummies!

When Julie is bad Mommy spanks, but when Julie needs Mommy’s guidance Mommy takes Julie back to the nursery. Sometimes it’s just ok for Mommy and baby to go back to the time when Mommy loves so much and baby just listens and learns. I love playing diaper time with my sweet Julie!

Talk to you soon honey! Take care.


Wow. we have had such a busy Monday with some wonderful abies today. We truly appreciate the hours of calls that our newest naughty boy did tonight with Mommy and Nanny Ivy.  They look forward to speaking to you again DM – and check back because they are going to blog about how much they loved the calls that you did tonite.

Miss Elaine got a nice wake up call from someone needing a dominant mommy…

Paige got a call from a naughty abie who just can’t seem to get out of those diapys.

Christy got a fabulous age regression call and then an infantalism call – both of which she is truly versed.

Shay had Jenny who needed to be cleaned out.

Babysitter Candace taught a bad little boy what happens when you go in her bag and steal her panties – you get turned in to a sissy boy and a pretty little girl.

Granny Rose had a diaper loving adult baby who loved to bounce in his messy diaper and squish it all around so granny has a hard time at changing time – but she’s a great Granny and will clean him up, powder his bottom, and get you ready to go.

Mommy Tori had an obedient adult babywho loved bath time with mommy after a nice long play time and feeding time.

Mommy Felicia had a nursing abie who suckled her full breasts and fed until his belly was full and then his diaper was too!

Auntie Toni got to play with lil’ baby joey who needed some serious discipline and spanking and working on potty training – they have moved on from diapers and on to training pants, but baby Joey just loves his diapys.

This is just some of the great calls we had today and love every second of it.

Keep checking back for new mommies that are starting soon as well as our specials for loyal callers 🙂

Mommy Elaine got a little surprise from her little S this morning. He called all horny and missing me. He always just loves to be caught sifting through my dirty panties. I love it how he tells me he misses me and this is why he does this.

It is no surprised that I must do my utmost to correct him. I love to dress him and frills while letting him know of Mommy’s plans for a little Christmas Eve show with him as the star. That little pink dress is oh so short, but that bulky little ruffle back diaper sure makes S look like the little cunt craving sissy he is.

To avoid any unpleasant feelings Mommy must bring S around pretty fast. That is one the great things about calling me, you can always tell Mommy what you want. Even though I am the strictest of dommes I realize we all have our preferences. It doesn’t surprise me that S lasts only 11 min on norm, he is a diaper wearing sissy with a propensity for sniffing dirty pretties now isn’t he?

Merry Christmas to all.

Mommy Elaine

Hey there sweet little angel,
Come play with me in my nursery.  I have it all ready for you.  It’s pretty and pink and girly and frilly just like my little sissy boy.  Crawl in to the nursery and let’s play dress up.  I’ll take you out of that boring fuzzy sleeper and change your diaper – powdering your bottom before covering up that diaper with the cute little pink ruffle butt panties with the white lace trim.
Stay still while I slip this pretty pink dress over your head and make you the prettiest little princess ever.  Don’t fight mommy – or you will be in BIG TROUBLE mister.  I would hate to spank you and force you to wear this dress out in public!  I like it when you comply like a good boy, but don’t get me wrong, if mommy has to be strict and punish you – I will!
Now that you have your dress on I want to put these cute little white frilly socks on and white patent leather shoes.  Oh baby you are adorable!  Spin around for mommy.  Show mommy what a pretty little girl you are.  I love to stand in front of the mirror with you and watch you twirl around and spin your skirt up.
Mommy always wanted a little girl and now I’ve got one hehe.  Come play with mommy and let’s have some fun in this brand new nursery that I set up.  I have the crib, changing table, mobile, blankies, and diapers all ready for you.
Don’t keep mommy Jessie waiting. 

You better sit still, Nanny Ivy is here. I am a strict disciplinarian sent to line up all ill-behaved Abies and teach them their just manners! If you don’t listen to my lectures, perhaps a little time in the corner will get your attention and if that doesn’t work I am not beyond caning your bottom until it’s blistered cherry red. I grew up in the strictest of homes and I have no problem imparting my knowledge onto you!

When I am not keeping little misbehaving Abies in line I am the sexy, seductive nanny who loves to give her little man a sweet little rub under the covers to help him go to sleep at night. I am the sitter who loves to get “hands on” and teach her little study how to have sex in all those delicious naughty ways he dreams about.

I have experience with forced breast feeding, story telling, diaper humiliation among other things that will keep an unruly baby in line. Let’s have a little chat, little man and you can tell me just how bad of a baby you are!

Call me 1 877 856 WILD

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Natasha – A strict and demanding leather and latex loving mommy. A strict disciplinarian who enjoys punishment, spanking, deprivation, playing dress up, and demanding obedience from her babies.

Hailey – a real life diaper wearing teen who loves daddy to help her change her diapers and play with her all the time. 

Tori – a busty redhead who loves playing dress up – she loves stockings and heels and dressing her little boys up like pretty little girls.

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